Your Strength is Within You

Always remember that your strength is within you

You reach your source by going within, not by anything from without.

We find people sometimes who keep going from one program to another, from course to course, from teacher to teacher, book to book, always looking for "The Answer."

They keep looking, which means they never find the answer. For the answers are within.

I do not mean you should not seek help when you need it. But do avoid overdoing it. Techniques are a means to an end, not the end itself.

In the Silva Systems, you learn ways to go within and find the answers you need.Silva Ultra Mind Choose Success

You have methods for seeking guidance from High Intelligence.

When you first learn, use the techniques exactly the way they were designed to be used. While doing this, establish internal points of reference so you can function as you need to in the future.

People function differently.

Some are visually oriented. Some audibly. Others are sensitive. We make allowance for all modes in the Silva Method. That's why the directions that orientologists read during case working say, "Sense it. Feel it. Visualize it. Know it is there." You may detect information in any number of ways. You may imagine asking for the answer, and imagine an answer being spoken to you.

By whatever means you perceive information, use it.

But remember to do this: if you "feel" the information, if you imagine that you hear it, or if you just have a general sense of knowing, once you have the information, imagine what .it would look like.

Develop your visual senses along with the others.

To begin with, you will use a specific ritual to enter your level and work cases. With practice, you can shorten the ritual, until finally you can do without it. You will have your own internal points of reference - you will recognize that special mental or emotional feeling associated with being at your Clairvoyant Level - and you will be able to work cases without having to go through the ritual first.

Develop confidence in yourself, for it is you who is doing the work, it is you who is getting the information, it is you who is responsible for your success.

How do you develop confidence? By experiencing success. Collect as many successes as possible, big or small. Review them at level, and this will help you to develop more confidence.

Techniques are a tool to help you get there, to help you learn.

You will learn that "special feeling" you have when you make correct decisions, and you will not have to use any techniques for those decisions. Only when you do not have that feeling of being right will you need to apply one of the techniques you have learned to help you out.

Developing such self-confidence is difficult for some people. But it is the goal you are seeking. Learn to rely on yourself.

Use your mind and your mental abilities to go directly to your source, for you have all that you need to insure your success.

(José Silva wrote this for The Silva Method Newsletter in 1984)

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