The Sleeping Prophet

A prophet who inspired the Silva Method research

by Jose Silva

Note: Jose Silva wrote this in the Silva Method Newsletter in January of 1985

We had a wonderful visit shortly before Christmas with an organization that has been a pioneer in the field of parapsychology and research of human potential. It is an organization that all Silva Method graduates will find interesting and can learn from.

Forty years ago I first became aware of the founder of this organization, although I had no idea at the time that my research would lead me into the same area that made him famous.

It turned out that, to a certain extent, his life served to inspire me and guide me in the development of the Silva Method.

When I was in the army in 1945 I was assigned to a camp near Bowling Green, Kentucky, the birthplace of Edgar Cayce.

Since I had become interested in psychology, I was curious about what this man had done. This contact made me aware that things such as clairvoyance were possible, and it influenced my re-: search later on.

In my early research, I was working with hypnosis. When my •research subjects began guessing what I was thinking about, I recalled that it was a hypnotist that had cured Cayce of a serious throat affliction, and after that he became an excellent clairvoyant.

Thus the “coincidence” of being assigned to that particular military base just as I was becoming interested in the human mind turned out to be a very significant factor in the process that resulted in the development of the Silva Method.

Later in my research, I had some contact with representatives of the organization that grew out of Cayce's experiences: the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (ARE). But we had some misunderstandings, and did not continue working together.

At the time, both organizations were so busy studying, researching and promoting their own works that they had little time for one another. It may have been a mistake to have allowed this situation to exist for so long.

Edgar Cayce was known as the “Sleeping Prophet.” He was one of the great clairvoyants. While at deep levels of mind, he could detect illnesses in people and recommend corrective action. "The Edgar Cayce Readings" are still studied by many, and are still helping people.

He led the way and established standards that other clairvoyants strive to match. His son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, deserves tremendous credit for helping to make so many millions of people around the world aware of the Sleeping Prophet and his abilities.

While in Virginia Beach in December to conduct a Holistic Faith Healing Workshop, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit ARE headquarters. There I met with Charles Thomas Cayce, grandson of Edgar Cayce and now the president of ARE.

We had a very enjoyable and informative afternoon together and parted with a mutual respect for each other. Tom Cayce is a nice, pleasant individual, easy -to get along with. He is easy to communicate with, very pleasant to talk to, and we had a nice conversation. He was very receptive to hearing me out on the misunderstandings we'd had with some of the individuals associated with the Cayce organization in the past.

I’d visited ARE previously, and had seen the old buildings. Now they have new buildings and a new look. It is all very attractive, and something they can be extremely proud of.

Tom Cayce said he was going to learn the Silva Method, and we agreed to let our graduates know about the benefits the ARE has to offer. It feels good to know we will be helping each other.

Edgar Cayce was, indeed, a prophet – in many ways. Not only was he able to help tens of thousands of people directly, and millions more through his example, but he also served as a symbol of what is to come in the future when all of the inhabitants of our planet develop their clairvoyant abilities.

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