Successful Business with Silva Techniques

How to Build a Successful Business with Silva Techniques

Sales Power Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals bookJose Silva's techniques have been helping businesses succeed for more than 50 years. Here is a report about one of those businesses, reprinted from the book Sales Power, the Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals, by Jose Silva with Ed Bernd Jr.

Ken and Elone Hoobler literally had a bank balance of zero, their sales had been so slow. They attended the Silva training and their sales soared. Today their business of manufacturing and selling artificial rocks - called Hoobler Stones - is franchised with offices in seventy-five countries!

"In 1970 when we lived in Irving, Texas, we studied Jose Silva's Method," Ken recalled. "Our whole lives changed." They now own their own successful business marketing artificial decorative stones called Hooblerstones, used by builders in more than sixty nations.

"When we finished the Silva training," they said, "Jose Silva asked many of the graduates what they intended to do with the techniques, now that they learned how to use more of their minds."

Ken told Jose, "I intend to see all the world and almost every country in the world."

"Jose Silva gave us the key," they explained. He told them:

"You work so hard to do all the things that you do. Why don't you use more from your neck up instead of down?"

Silva Ultra Mind Systems E.S.P. for Business Success bookThey took his suggestion seriously. The results?

"We have completely circled the world three different times on three different routes," the Hooblers said. "Our trips always pay for themselves and more, because that is the way we program it."

The Hooblers like to help people, and to spread the word about how everyone can learn to use more mind for a better and better life.

They are good salespeople. You have heard about the salesman who could sell refrigerators to Eskimos? The Hooblers have sold this American form of "Dynamic Meditation" to residents of India!

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