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Using the Theta Sound on your own

(This information came directly from Jose Silva)

You can receive great value from using the Theta Sound on your own.

First, it will help you deepen all the way to theta. This is very desirable. When you activate your mind, it will seek the first place where it can function deductively. If you are just barely able to reach the alpha level – perhaps high alpha – the brain might go up to beta when you activate it. However, if you are at the theta level – even high theta – the brain will stop at alpha, the first place where it can be active.

Also, while you are active at the alpha level, the Theta Sound will help you in two ways:

It will provide impulses to the brain at exactly half the rate of alpha, so it will be easy for the brain to take two beats for every one beat of the theta sound.

In addition, since it is beating at a slower rate – exactly half – the brain will be attracted to a lower rate of pulsing, which will make it even easier to remain at alpha.

Reasons for developing Theta

(This article was written in 1998 under Jose Silva’s guidance)

Why do we want to learn to enter the theta level with conscious awareness, if all of our programming is done at alpha?

Because the problem that you desire to correct must be within reach. Your mind must be able to get the necessary information about the problem and correct it. If you have never entered the theta level with conscious awareness, then it is closed off to you. It is not within reach.

Entering the theta level with conscious awareness opens it up for you and brings it within reach.
What kind of problems might be rooted at theta?

Limiting belief systems could be rooted there.

You see, children function at much slower brain frequencies than adults. A child of 5 years of age, their overall predominant brain frequency will be 5 cycles per second. Impressions are made at very low frequencies.

If a 5 year old child is told that he is clumsy, or that he is stupid, the child simply accepts that. At that age, the child only reasons inductively, not deductively. The child does not analyze information, but just records it on his or her brain cells.

When these levels are within reach, then you can enter your level and use the mirror of the mind to program yourself to accomplish your goals, and if the problems – the limiting belief systems – are rooted in theta, your mind can correct them.

There is another reason for opening up the theta levels and bringing them within our reach from the alpha level:

Biological intelligence is rooted at theta. While psychological health problems are rooted at 10 cycles alpha, where human intelligence resides, there are other health problems that are rooted at theta, where biological intelligence resides.

That’s why hypnotists are able to use the 5 cycles theta level to prepare patients to have teeth pulled, even to have surgery, without the use of chemical anesthetics.

You can learn, with practice, to influence biological intelligence.

Your body knows how to heal itself. When you cut your finger, your body knows how to cause the cells to grow back together again.

We are not saying that you never need a doctor. If it is a big cut, the doctor can sew it up so that there will not be a scar. Antiseptics can be used to keep it from getting infected. But the actual healing is done by your own body.

Doctors are often important – even vital – to the healing process, because they can remove any interference to healing so that nature can take its course. But the actual healing process is carried out by your body.
How does your body know how to heal itself?

Instructions were programmed into your bio-computer brain by whoever originally created and programmed it. Those instructions are part of your biological intelligence. They are automatic. But it is possible, at the correct level, to change those instructions, to take them off of automatic and assume manual control.

Jose Silva found, during his research, that a subject’s healing mechanism can be fooled during hypnosis.

He says that you can tell the subject that they are going to be touched with a red hot piece of metal. Then you can touch them with the eraser of an ordinary pencil, and their body will respond as if it were a red hot iron. The skin will turn red, and a real blister sometimes forms.

Somehow, the hypnotist and the subject have influenced the body’s healing mechanism to go into action, even though there is no need for it.

We can also learn to alter our perception of pain. Pain is a message that there is a problem. After you receive the message, there is no need to keep the messenger. You can use the Glove Anesthesia technique taught in the Silva Choose Success Master Course to learn to control pain and often bleeding and hemorrhaging and to speed the healing process.

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