Scientists confirm Jose Silva’s discoveries

Scientists confirm our discoveries

by Jose Silva

After reading about Sigmund Freud and the work he had done, we began to search for ways to help our children get better grades in school, and be more successful in all of their activities.

We began to seek ways to improve their minds. As we had success with this, we began to search for the specific factors that were producing the positive results.

In order to help us determine exactly what was going on that was leading to success, we set up projects in the following manner:

Jose Silva connected to an EEG

Jose Silva connected to an EEG

Problems were presented to subjects while they were connected to an EEG with a digital counter in the output.

We were training them with various mental exercises, including hypnosis in the beginning. Later we abandoned that for superior methods.

Some subjects, while trying to analyze and answer the problem question, would cause the digital counter on the EEG to indicate 10 cycles per second frequency.

However, the majority would indicate 20 cps while doing the same thing - attempting to analyze and answer the problem question.

This attracted our attention since the average brain frequency range of humans is between 1 and 20 cps.

We observed that when people enter normal, natural, deep sleep, the sleep-and-dream, cycles indicate a movement between 1 and 20 cps on the average.

However, when people are awake, the average brain frequency is 20 cps.

So it seemed unusual to us to observe that approximately 10 percent of our subjects would cause a 10 cps output when analyzing and solving problems.

Since 10 cps is the center of the normal brain frequency range, we began to call those people who did their thinking at 10 cps "centered thinkers" and those who did their thinking at 20 cps "eccentric thinkers."

We then realized that our mental training exercises were teaching our subjects to learn to control their brain waves consciously.

At the time, university scientists were saying that it was impossible for people to consciously control their brain wave activity. They challenged us to prove it at the University of Texas Medical School and also at Trinity University, both in San Antonio, Texas.

We were successful in showing them that our trained subjects could enter the alpha level at will and could even activate their minds while at the alpha level, so as to analyze and solve problems. These results were published in a scientific journal in England in 1972.

Since then, it has become accepted knowledge that people can learn to consciously activate their minds at the 10 cps alpha frequency as well as at 20 cps beta.

People receive many benefits when they function consciously at 10 cps alpha.

  • We have observed that they are healthier because they rarely get sick with psychosomatic health problems.
  • They are safer because their intuition functions at this level and they rarely get into accidents.
  • One of the most outstanding benefits of being a 10 cycle thinker is that you can use your intuition at that level, and can be more times right than wrong when making decisions, which leads to greater success in life.

All of these factors contribute to people being more successful in life.

We always believed that the 10 cycle alpha level would be the ideal level to solve any kind of problems, especially since the alpha level is the strongest, the level with the least impedance to neuron discharge, and the most synchronous. Thinking should be faster, thoughts and ideas should be more clear, and insight should be better.

Solutions to psychiatric problems

Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie M.D. photo

Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie M.D.

Despite all of the benefits that were being received by people who used our method, some people were concerned that borderline psychotic patients could be thrown into psychosis when entering the 10 cycle alpha level.

In order to demonstrate that even borderline psychotic patients would not be harmed in any way, we set up a test project with a team of psychiatrists, Dr. Clancy McKenzie, and his associate Dr. Lance Wright.

At first they proceeded very cautiously, sending only one patient at a time and monitoring that patient very closely.

Eventually they began to send groups of patients.

Finally Dr. McKenzie decided that they should recommend that all of their patients use our method to learn to enter the 10 cycle alpha level, and use our techniques for problem solving.

Dr. McKenzie reported that none of their patients became psychotic or was harmed in any way, and virtually all improved. He has provided us with many reports of patients using the alpha level to gain insight and, as a result of this insight, having tremendous breakthrough and dramatically shortening their recovery time.

He has written of many patients who programmed themselves at the alpha level to have a dream that contains information to help them correct their problems. When they gain insight on their own in this manner, they readily accept it and act on it, according to Dr. McKenzie. He said that he has found this to be one of the best ways for them to hasten their recovery.

Many people benefit

Since that project was conducted, we have gone on to verify through many research projects that the Silva Method can help everyone who wants help and will use the techniques. We have conducted research and verified the many beneficial results with groups such as:

  • High school students
  • Alcoholics
  • Executives at a major corporation
  • Single mothers on welfare
  • Adolescent girls in a Catholic high school
  • Average people
  • And of course mental patients

The research confirmed that regardless of how much or how little success a person has had, they can achieve even more success by learning to activate their mind at 10 cycles alpha.

Now we no longer need to settle for only 10 percent of people being centered, and able to think at 10 cycles alpha, while 90 percent are eccentric, and think only at 20 cycles beta.

Now everyone can learn to center themselves at alpha, activate their mind and analyze and solve problems, and be more successful in life.

What we have accomplished is to convert the sub-conscious into what we call the inner-conscious level.

Now everyone can learn to use the sub-conscious, consciously.

Jose Silva photo

About Jose Silva

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