A special parental responsibility

Parents are the only ones really responsible for the continuation of the existence of the human race on this planet. They serve as doorways through which humans enter this planet.

Parents should be the newcomers' fundamental teachers, models and guides.

We call the newcomers our sons and daughters, but they are not ours they don't belong to us. They are only placed in our charge.

We have been selected to play the roll of consultants and guides for them, and to care for them and supply all their needs.

It is going to cost us just as much to care for them as it cost our parents to care for us.

This is how we pay the system back for what we cost our parents.

All humans arriving on this planet have been sent by the same power for the same purpose by the same means and regardless of what we have called race, creed or color, the whole world is their home.

We who have come before them took it upon ourselves to define and establish borders so that newcomers to the planet may or may not cross those borders.

Keep in mind that newcomers to this planet are traveling on their own path in the universe and arrive on this planet individually. After their short stay, they leave this planet individually and again continue traveling on their own path in the universe.

Nobody belongs to anybody; we all belong to our Creator and we are here to help our Creator in the molding of creation.

The titles of fathers and mothers are given to the ones who are to take care of the newcomers to the planet, and to care for them until they are capable of caring for themselves.

The fatherly and motherly love that we manifest to the newcomers to this planet is a program established within us by our Creator to abide by our obligation to take care of them.

Why are we to play the rolls of teachers, models and guides?

Simply because we got there first and should know our way around and should also know what direction we should guide hem.

It is our obligation to guide them correctly in the direction they should take; this is the responsibility we have towards our Creator.
All parents need to be, and should be, clairvoyants.

We need to use these intuitive and prophetic abilities to properly guide the newcomers of this planet. It is our obligation towards our Creator, remember? We have tendency to forget it.

My recommendation for humans who desire to be parents is first, to e trained in clairvoyance so you will have a better chance to be correct on the selection of the person who is to be your lifetime partner.

Non-clairvoyants are only 20% accurate when selecting. No wonder there are so many divorces.

On the other hand, the clairvoyant who has practiced clairvoyance can be 80% accurate or better. Of course, this helps in selecting the correct life-time partner.

People who practice living together before marriage manifest the non-use of either brain hemisphere; some keep on changing partners until perhaps they find the right one. Some animals have a better system than this.

After a person has used clairvoyance to decide on the correct life-time partner to marry, and then the two partners want to conceive, they should each enter their clairvoyant level independently of the other and project into the future to detect what the needs of the planet will be.

Once they agree with each other on the need for a scientist or a specialist in some field, then they should enter level together and ask High Intelligence (God or Creator) to send through them the correct intelligence who will solve the planet's problems in the future.

They can also select family traits, characteristics and looks.

After doing that, they are ready to conceive.

After conceiving, the clairvoyant mother starts selecting lessons to read to the fetus, lessons in relation to the science or profession that the newcomer is to develop once born.

The clairvoyant mother will program the fetus to record all information that she is going to read subconsciously so later in life the child will automatically become aware of the information that the mother read to this person while in the fetal stage.

I hope that by the time these children reach school age, the educational system has been revamped to offer them only subjects related to their science or profession, so these children will graduate with their doctors degree at age fifteen.

For those who say we should wait for the students to be old enough to choose what they want, I say no, because then it will be too late. We see some students finishing college who still do not know what they want as a career.

When the mother programs her child even before conception, that child will like what the parents have chosen for them because they will understand what they are studying a lot better than they understand anything else.

Studying the specific subject comes easy and a student always likes what comes easy.

Of course, students, once receiving a doctor's degree at age fifteen, are still young enough to learn anything else if they so desires.

Parents who already have children can use this system for their future conceptions.

The children they already have should be trained in clairvoyance and taught to visualize and imagine and to practice visualization and imagination at the clairvoyant level, especially when the child is in the seven to fourteen year age range.

A typical visualization exercise would be to get the child to close their eyes and turn them slightly upwards to a twenty degree angle, and then with eyes in that position and from the clairvoyant level, the child will recall and describe in full detail and color things, people and scenes they have seen in the past.

To practice imagination, a child is told to place their eyes in the same position as before, then from their clairvoyant level they are told to describe things, people and scenes that the child has never seen.

When the child starts to describe things, people and scenes correctly, this is an indication that the child's clairvoyance is starting to develop.

The child's best teacher and programmer is always the child's mother.

The female by nature is always more spiritual and more intuitive.

Clairvoyant parents can help their clairvoyant sons and daughters, through the use of clairvoyance, to correct bad habits and establish good ones.

They also teach them to develop their own control, so that nobody will ever control them and put them to work as slaves selling candy, flowers, and books in airports and on street corners.

A very important message for parents is to remember that whoever gets into your child's brain and mind first is the winner.

So, parents, be sure that you, to be the winners, get into the minds and brains of your sons and daughters first through the use of clairvoyance.
This will make the child the real winner.

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