My showdown with the church officials

With so may people being helped by our research, and with so many people criticizing us, it was inevitable that we would finally have a showdown with church officials.

Here is how it came about:

One day I received a call from a friend of mine who had been in the Cursillo movement during the time I had been a member. He was a business man who operated a gasoline station in the same part of town where I lived. When my friend, Mr. R., called, he seed me to come to his home so he could talk to me.

When I got to Mr. R.'s home, he and his wife were waiting for me. I could see by her appearance that Mrs. R. was sick. Mr. R. told me that sometime earlier she had developed a pain in her skeletal body.

The pain affected her sleep and her appetite. In fact, it was so bad that she had to quit her job as a teacher, and had lost a lot of weight. The best doctors and clinics available had not been able to correct the problem, Mr. R. told me.

But he had one ray of hope: while returning from Mexico City after seeing some specialists who were unable to solve the problem, they stopped in Nuevo Laredo to report the results of their trip to one of their family doctors. The Nuevo Laredo doctor told them about me, and that maybe I could do something to alleviate the pain. Mrs. R. was taking large doses of pain killing drugs by this time.

In fact, the doctor almost assured the couple that I could heal Mrs. R.

I told Mr. R. that I do not heal anybody but I help people learn how heal themselves.

"I believe in the philosophy, " I told him, "that if you give a fish to a person, that person will eat for a day, but if you teach the person how to fish, then that person will eat for the rest of his or her life."

"Whatever you do," Mr. R. said, "will you take the case?"

I assured him that I would.

My new methods were intended to be applied in sequence. That is, if the first method did not correct the problem, I would then apply the second method, and so on until results were produced.

But if the first method produced some improvement, then I continued with that method.

Mrs. R. required only three applications of the first method. These were applied three days apart.

With just this much treatment, she was returned to perfect health.

She not only regained her normal weight, but went back to teaching.

At the time of this writing, Mr. and Mrs. R. have retired, purchased a mobile home and they travel all over the United States and Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. R. did not become aware of the problem I got into from having worked this case until much later.

Both are good Catholics, so after the healing, Mrs. R., who had heard that

I worked for the devil, went to confession and confessed that she allowed one who works for the devil to help her.

How did I figure out this was what started my problem?

I will tell you.

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