Psychics solve a shooting

People from Stratford, Texas, were coming to Amarillo and to Spearman to take the training, but they kept asking, "When are you coming to Stratford?" My answer was, "When you have thirty people to take the training." In no time at all, little Stratford with a population of two thousand four hundred had more than thirty people signed up for the training.

People would come from the many farms around Stratford for the training. In fact, it appeared as though more people lived on farms around Stratford than lived in Stratford proper.

We had a very interesting case there, one where a Stratford area farmer was found shot to death in his pick up truck.

The farmer had insurance that would pay the farmer's widow a certain amount in case of natural death and the same amount for suicide, but twice that amount for accidental death.

The insurance company ruled suicide because they found the discharged rifle alongside the body and they were planning to pay the widow a single amount.

The farmer's widow was a friend of some of our clairvoyant graduates and asked for their help, knowing that her husband had no reason whatsoever for committing suicide, especially since everything was going so well for them.

The graduates set up a project, which I will explain in detail in the appendix. The results of the project were that the clairvoyants found the rifle was defective and if it was placed in a certain position, a slight jar would cause the rifle to discharge.

The insurance investigators conducted an experiment as recommended by our graduates, and the rifle discharged with a slight jar.

The insurance company paid the farmer's widow the double amount for accidental death.

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