Investigating a UFO sighting

By this time, I was presenting on a regular schedule in Amarillo, Lubbock, Pampa, Spearman, Stratford and San Antonio. Soon after, I started lecturing in Austin, Texas, too.

One day while I was in Amarillo, a Mr. F. told me about a Mr. AO who, claimed he had been taken on a trip aboard a U.F.O.

Mr. F. was pretty excited about this and had already called Time, Life, and Newsweek magazines to come and get the story. These magazines sent writers, photographers and sketch artists drawing little green men with slanted eyes and also drawing, according to Mr. AO's report, the shape of the vehicle that supposedly took him for a ride.

Upon seeing all of this commotion, I suggested to Mr. F. that, before getting any deeper into this, he check Mr. AO with hypnosis.

At first, Mr. F. said it would appear as an insult to Mr. AO, as though we did not trust him. I then said, "If all of this is true, he would readily accept it. But on the other hand, if he refuses, his refusal would give way to suspicion."

Mr. E.'s wife told Mr. AO's wife about our wanting to use hypnosis on her husband so as to get as much information as possible. Mr. AO agreed to be hypnotized.

Mr. F. was relieved, knowing that Mr. AO, being a well-known, serious, thinking farmer had accepted to be hypnotized to confirm his story and to find additional information that could have escaped his memory.

The day came that we had set aside for the hypnosis project. I had a script of Mr. AO's self-narrated story. I inducted Mr. AO into hypnosis, age regressed him to one day before his related story and went forward minute by minute to the present time.

Mr. E. wanted to know the results as soon as I had finished.

"The results," I said, "indicate that Mr. AO is lying."

Mr. E. immediately rejected what I had said. I could see how much Mr. E. wanted the story to be true, so I said, "Let me analyze my notes once again tonight so as to be doubly sure of my findings." Mr. E. welcomed the idea.

I went over my notes with a fine tooth comb, and again found the results indicated that Mr. AO was lying. I reported this to Mr. E. who was still hoping I would be wrong. I left Mr. E. somewhat confused, thinking, "How can Mr. AO, such a serious man, with such a reputation, be lying?"

A month later, I heard the next chapter of this story. While driving along at night from Lubbock to Amarillo, where I was to lecture the next day, I heard on the news on the car radio the following report: "Due to the Amarillo, Texas, Mr. AO U.F.O. hoax, Russia has decided to stop all U.F.O. research."

The next day in Amarillo, Mr. E. related to me the story of how the Mr. AO story was taking on such serious and responsible aspects that Mr. AO became frightened, broke down and confessed.

In a way I felt bad about the disappointment to Mr. E. After all, it was because of his willingness, and even eagerness, to learn about something new, something that seemed very "far-out" to the average person, that prompted him to invite us on the U.F.O. case.

It is people like Mr. E. and Mrs. E. who are willing to try the untried, who are willing to act on faith, who are willing to take a chance on something new that they know little or nothing about; it is this kind of person who helps usher in new ideas that help us move forward on this planet, solve problems and make this world a better place to live.

Many firsts, many good experiences were obtained in Amarillo. This is just one of many reasons why we are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Fitz for giving us our first opportunity of moving from research into the public to test our method.

There was another good thing that came out of Amarillo.

A map of your brain

Silva Scale of Brain EvolutionA Mr. Fujita a commercial artist who surprised me one day with a chart that we now call the "Scale of Brain Evolution."
He had designed it according to my explanations and my crude drawings that I would do either on a chalk board or with a marker on an artist's sketch pad. His wife presented the chart to us as a present along with a letter stating that it was our property and to copyright it in our name, that this was his personal contribution.

We deeply thank Mr. Fujita for this contribution that we have used throughout the world ever since. Mr. and Mrs. Fujita later moved to Forth Worth, Texas, where they organized the first group for us to go and train so we could start Fort Worth on a regular schedule.

It was in Fort Worth that we met Mrs. H., a woman who organized a group for us to go and train in Dallas, Texas, and start serving that city on a regular schedule.

While training groups in San Antonio, some people came from Austin, Texas, and again invited us to come to Austin to train groups there. We did this, adding Austin to our regularly scheduled rounds throughout Texas. A Mr. F. became the Austin organizer.

I became so busy training groups by myself all over Texas that I could not afford to wait on the oil companies to complete purchase of oil leases so we could conduct our oil exploration project with them.

In fact, I was becoming so busy traveling around to fill the demand for training that I hardly had any time for anything except travel and lecture and travel and lecture some more.

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