Psychic exploration for oil

We then used our trained child clairvoyants for oil exploration.

First we went to some existing oil fields and took photographs in black and white and in color of the oil pumping rigs. We also took the well numbers, and collected some samples of the crude oil from some of the wells.

Then we had the child clairvoyants look at the pictures, and we gave them soda pop bottles half filled with crude oil. They were to study the pictures, seeing them at different distances, looking at a picture of a particular well when the picture is upright, at an angle, on the side, and upside down.

In other words, they were to rotate the picture setting so that the picture would complete a full revolution, first counter-clockwise, then clockwise.

We would do this with the black and white picture first, then the color picture.

We would write all the data down, just as we did when doing the lottery research, data such as:

  • the position of the child clairvoyant in relation to the magnetic north pole
  • the outdoor temperature
  • the inside temperature
  • the time of day
  • barometric pressure
  • whether it was partly cloudy, cloudy, or sunny
  • the direction of the wind
  • the phase of the moon

All of this data we called ''environment information,'' and we registered it while the child was recording information about the picture of a particular well.

The child would then take the soda pop bottle, remove the cork, drop some of the crude oil on their fingers, feel it first with eyes open and then with eyes closed.

Then the child clairvoyant would smell the oil, first with eyes open, then with eyes closed.

After that, the child would taste it by putting some of the crude oil on a finger and touching the tip of their tongue. Again, all this was done first with eyes open, then with eyes closed.

After all this was done, and when the child clairvoyant was called to work the project, which we called a "case," all of the environmental information was noted again just before starting to work the case.

Here is how the case would be worked:

Each well had a number, so we identified the case by well number.

The first case was worked by a nine-year-old girl. She was told to enter her level of concentration where she could function clairvoyantly, and to let us know when she was ready to continue.

After doing a series of things mentally to enter her clairvoyant level, she let us know she was ready.

Then I said, "I am going to count from one to three and cause a sound with my fingers. At that time, you will project yourself mentally to well number 302."

I then counted to three, snapped my fingers and said, "Where are you?"

The child answered, "I am at well number 302."

"Describe what you see," I told the child clairvoyant.

"I am standing right in front and facing the place where the number 302 is," she answered. "There is a pole to my left, and I am standing right up against the plate that has the number 302."

It appeared as though the child had projected into a three dimensional picture. The child was right there.

Next I said to the child, "Do you see that rod that goes down into a pipe in the ground and is connected to the arm that goes up and down?"

She answered, "Yes."

Then I said, "Can you mentally project into the well and go down to tell me how deep the well is?"

Again the child answered, "Yes."

I said, "I will now count from one to three and cause a sound with my fingers. At that time, you will project yourself mentally into the well to tell me the depth of this well. One. Two. Three." I snapped my fingers and said, "You are now inside the well. You can now tell me how deep the well is."

The child started to move her head slightly from side to side so I asked her, "What is happening?"

She answered, "I am starting to go down to see how deep this well is."

Then she stopped to ask me, "How do I know how deep is deep? I have nothing to measure with."

Then it dawned on me that the pipe came in sections of certain lengths and that these lengths were linked to one another with couplers.

So I said to the child, "As you go down mentally into the well, count the couplers. We will then multiply them by the lengths."

She again started to move her head slightly from side to side and at the same time raised her right arm and motioned with her right hand and index fingers as though she were counting something on a wall, while barely moving her lips.

"There are seventy-eight couplers, but remember that the first pipe starting at the top is only half as long as the rest of them," she told us.

We noted this information.

Next the child said, "The last pipe at the bottom has a lot of holes around it. I thought that down here there would be a lake or pool of oil," she continued. "But, no, there are holes, or crevices all around the bottom of the well. The oil then runs into the crevices and flows down into the center, or bottom, of the well. Then the pump pumps it out."

The next question to the child was, "Can you tell me the quality of the oil in this well? Is it of high, medium or low quality?"

The child answered, "How do I do that?"

I said, "any way you can."

The child stretched her right arm out and with the index and middle fingers appeared to be touching something. Then she brought the fingers to her nose and smelled them. She then touched the tip of her tongue as though she were tasting something. After that she brought her hand down and said, "This oil is not good, not bad; I would say it is fair.''

My next question was, "How long has this well been in operation?"

Again the child clairvoyant answered, "How do I do that?"

And again I said, "Any way you can."

The child then said, "Take this down: 333 plus 222. Now divide by 9, and that is the number of months that this well has been in operation."

The next question to the child clairvoyant was, "How many barrels per day is this well producing?"

This time she answered, "What is a barrel?"

I said, "A barrel is a metal drum that holds forty-two gallons of crude oil. Crude oil," I explained, "is what is pumped out of the ground."

Then she motioned with both hands as though she were holding her hands around a pipe, and moved them up and down while saying, "Up and down, up and down," with the rhythm of the pumping action.

Then she told me, "Take this down: 666 plus 444. Multiply by 3 and divide by 12, and that is the number of barrels that this well produces per year. From that, you can figure the barrels per day if you need to know."

At the time, that way of figuring did not make any sense to me. I thought she was just making it up.

The results

The day after we worked this project, I went to an abstract company that keeps records of all wells in the area. I got copies of the driller's log and the electrical log of well number 302 from the specific area. Then I took my information to a geologist friend of mine, along with the driller's log and electrical log. I asked my friend, "Can you tell me how close this information is to the information that is on these logs?"

On the depth of the well, he told me this:

"You say you have seventy-eight couplers. The last one has the head that was used to fire, or shoot, the well at the bottom. The pipes used are thirty feet in length, so seventy-eight times thirty is two thousand three hundred and forty feet. The log says it is two thousand three hundred and twenty five feet deep. Since the last pipe installed at the surface of this well was supposed to be half the length, this makes it exactly right. Two thousand three hundred and forty feet less fifteen feet is two thousand three hundred and twenty five feet, the correct depth of the well."

Next he told me the length of time the well had been in operation.

According to the log, and going by the date when the well had been completed, it figured to five years and four months. The child clairvoyants figures of 222 plus 333 came to 555, divided by nine equals 61.666. months, compared to five years and four months, or sixty four months.

The 2.334 months' difference was explained to be in the child clairvoyants favor because the date on the driller's log was the completion date, and the figures of the child were for time in operation. The geologist explained, "The well being completed means the drilling, but sometimes it takes months to install the pump. When the pump starts, that is the beginning date of the operation. So the child could have been exactly right as to how long the well had been in operation."

Next came the amount of barrels produced per day. The driller's log indicated eleven barrels per day, or four thousand fifteen per year. The figures the child gave were 666, and 444 equals 1110. Multiply by three and you get 3330, which comes out to 9.123 barrels per day. The driller's log figures were 4,015 barrels per year, or eleven barrels per day. The child's figures were lower. The geologist said, "It is expected for wells to decrease their barrels-per-day output as the years go by, so there could have been a decrease in production of 1.877 barrels per day in a little more than five years. Again, the child clairvoyant could have been exactly right."

The last thing was the quality of the oil of well 302. The geologist said, "We measure quality by gravity, and to you gravity may mean nothing so I will interpret for you. According to the gravity indicated on the driller's log, it means that the quality is not good, not bad; it is fair." The geologist used exactly the same words used by the child clairvoyant to explain the quality of the oil of well 302.

When I asked about the crevices that the child mentioned at the bottom of the well, the geologist said that in Texas, to start some wells, drillers use an instrument that holds bullets that are discharged at the bottom of the well. This is the reason for the crevices.

We did many projects such as this, hoping that we would get so good that later a child clairvoyant could be trained to tell us what the drillers were going to find before they drilled. Once they were good at this, they could be trained to tell the drillers where to drill and what they were going to find: the quantity, quality, and depth where the oil would be found.

Child clairvoyants can be trained not only for oil projects, but to detect anything hidden anywhere. Knowing that this can be done is why I like what Luke wrote in the New Testament, Chapter 12, Verse 2. Luke reports that Christ had said, "But there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known."

Another geologist, also a friend of mine, heard about this research and wanted to know more about it. We had long talks on the subject, and he finally decided to find interested parties to go along with our ideas.

My geologist friend found three companies that were interested. We were not to charge for our services until we had proven our point. This was our agreement.

The companies gave us a map to start working. The map covered a section of land forty miles wide by seventy miles long. The companies were to buy the oil leases from the owners of this land and we were not to divulge this information because if land owners became aware that someone had an interest in their land they would raise the price of the leases.

We started charting the terrain, dividing it into sections and numbering the sections. We also started to train more clairvoyants especially for this oil exploration project. We were ready and waiting to be given the signal to go ahead.

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