My evaluation of our age regression experiments

We spent ten years on research using age regression and progression, but mostly regression.

Some of my friends who found time would come and work with me in the individual training of thirty-nine clairvoyants, while I personally conducted hundreds of age regression experiments.

I did this to study the extraordinary faculties of the human mind.

During these age regression sessions, I used many different induction techniques to condition he subjects for regression.

I used both objective and subjective induction techniques, such as the authoritarian, permissive, dynamic and passive.

An objective authoritarian technique would be telling the subject to use one of his biological (objective) senses. Then you would tell the subject to direct that sense to whatever has been selected by the operator.

Notice that the subject has not been given any choice; that is why this method is called authoritarian.

In a permissive system, the subject is given a choice in the task to be performed.

The dynamic objective system is one where the objective senses are used and a pyramid of techniques are applied. It is a very busy system.

The passive system is the most subtle, slow and quiet system of all. When using the subjective systems, the same things can be done but instead of the operator suggesting that the subject use the physical senses, the subject is told to use his imagination. You would tell the subject to imagine hearing a sound or seeing a hypnodisc and so on.

After a decade of doing hundreds of sessions of age regression and progression, I felt I had done enough research in this area and decided to stop. At that time I had arrived at some semi-conclusions. I call them "semi" because I have always considered the possibility that I might come across some new findings that would alter my previous semi-conclusions.

After I had done all the research I desired to do in age regression, I came across a book by a famous English researcher (Alexander Canon) who had done similar research and was convinced it was reincarnation.

He found many of the same things that we found in our research, such as three-year period between the different stories. He called them "Spans between lives."

He found in that three year span, a "Garden of Waiting" with beautiful music from a source nobody could identify. He also mentioned that his subjects reported a beautiful light in this garden, but there was no sun.

And there were people there, some dressed in blue, some in white. When it was your time to incarnate, a group of these people would approach you. You could tell whether you would be born a male or a female by whether the people who approached you wore blue or white. On the average, you would be a male six times and a female six times for each dozen incarnations.

In my own research, I had not found a Garden of Waiting, although I did find the three-year span between lives. In my three-year span, it was a "see nothing, hear nothing" phase. And of all the times I age regressed people, sometimes going back through twelve or more stories, never once did I find a subject who experienced a sex change. Every time I worked with a male, that person was always a male in any story. The same happened when I started with a female; she was always a female.

The fact that we had both similarities and differences could be used both to support and to oppose the theory of reincarnation. I will come back to these findings shortly to see if we can make more sense of things.

One other thing I noticed when age regressing was that some subjects, after so many hours of regression, appeared to be very intuitive. They seemed to be able to guess ahead of time what we were going to ask.

For some, this faculty would appear when least expected and it would also disappear as fast as it would come on, as though the subject had to be at a particular level to be able to function with high intuition.

This led me ultimately to develop a system whereby a subject could learn to stay at a certain level, the level where he would be most intuitive.

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