My findings on reincarnation

When I am asked what I think about reincarnation, my answer is:

"I don't know. I am not sure, because I find three theories that appear to explain the same phenomenon."

The concept of reincarnation itself is one theory.

That theory is that after we die, we are born again into another body, and continue being born again and again.

I like that idea and would go for it, but my liking it does not make it a fact. The concept of reincarnation has many flaws.

First, the term "reincarnation" appeared on the scene when people thought our planet was flat and that we were bound to it. The idea that there are millions of other solar systems had not been born then.

But now we know that is so, and if we are born into another planet in another solar system, that would be an incarnation, but not reincarnation, because we have not been there before.

Then there are the differences found by different researchers.

And there are the alternate theories that have just as much proof as the theory of reincarnation.

For instance, another theory that could explain what is happening in age regression experiments is that fathers and mothers pass on to their sons and daughters all information collectedly their ancestors and also all information collected by themselves.

We humans appear to function as tape recorders with a complete set of tapes that we inherited, and now we are recording new tapes to pass on to our off spring.

When we are age regressed to a point before we were born, it is then that we act as tape recorders, playing back one of our ancestor's tapes. Every time the tape says "me" or "I" it means the one who recorded the tape and not the tape recorder through which it is being played.

Looking at it from another point of view, our body is the tape recorder recording its own tapes, so when we are age regressed post natally (after being born) we play our own tapes, but when we are age regressed prenatally (before being born) then we play back our ancestor's tapes through our own tape recorder (our body). That does not mean that our tape recorder (our body) recorded them or experienced those experiences directly; we just played back other experiences, just like any tape recorder that plays anybody's tapes.

A third theory that can explain our experiences with the age regression research is something any Silva graduate is able to do, and that is to project the senses of the human intelligence, the mind, to someone else at a distance and play back that person's tapes while making a copy of them at the same time for future use.

So as I see it, there are three theories that can explain the same phenomenon, and I cannot take a stand as to which one it is until it can be proven scientifically.

Another thing I detected when doing age regression research was that some subjects could perform better at mental projection (distant viewing or traveling clairvoyance) while they were in the three-year span between stories. We used to talk of this as "floating minds," and we projected them to places to get information for us.

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