The case of the missing pilot

Many people came to Amarillo from the surrounding territory to take the training. Some who came from Spearman, Texas, asked for the training to be given in Spearman. We had nearly one hundred people attend the first lecture to start a training cycle. We would go once a month for four months to complete the training.

One day in March, when I was doing a segment of the course in Spearman, Texas, it snowed. One woman, Mrs. T., had come from Big Springs, Texas, to take the training with just one purpose in mind: to have graduates work a problem case for her. At that time, graduates would work cases only for other graduates, but not for non-graduates, so Mrs. T. took the training in Spearman so she could become a graduate and then have other graduates work her problem case.

Her problem case was this:

Her husband was a pilot who had been shot down over Vietnam.

She wanted to know if he was dead or alive.

Graduates set up a project using the correlation method, which I will explain in detail in the appendix.

The consensus of the correlated information was that Major T. was flying very low when he was shot down and he barely had enough altitude to parachute. In parachuting he had injured his back and his right leg.

Yes, Major T. was still alive.

Mrs. T. then said, "I should have also asked:
When will I know through some other source that you people are right?"

We thought it was a very important thing for her to know, because if we were wrong, she would be waiting all her life.

So we conducted another project, and the consensus of the second project was that Mrs. T. would know the first part of a specific month a few months from the time of the project.

On the first part of the month mentioned, officials in Hanoi announced that they were deliberating on freeing some prisoners, but no names were mentioned. Later that month when three prisoners were liberated, we learned that all three were pilots, and one of them was Major T.

When Major T. returned home, Mrs. T. told him about our projects and what our clairvoyants had said.

Major T. asked to meet the clairvoyants.

At that meeting, Major T. confirmed everything that the clairvoyants had said. Not only were our clairvoyants right about what had happened to Major T., but they were also correct on when Mrs. T. would know through other means that her husband was alive.

Major T. immediately took the training. Later, as he was transferred to other air bases in the states, wherever he went he talked about this experience and more people would come to take the training.

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