Panchito’s success

New candidates were always found in the group of regulars so we would continue to individually train more clairvoyants.

Sometimes, after the Friday night sessions, we would go as a group for coffee or tea or a snack at the Holiday Inn. The captain of the waiters would always sit with us, wanting to know what else was new in the field that he called "Hocus-pocus."

Eventually this man became so interested in what we were doing that we invited him to the sessions. That was to change his life dramatically.

The waiter's name was Francisco, or Frank, but we used to call him Panchito, Eventually, Panchito was trained to be a clairvoyant. He became a healer, a very good healer.

He became so good, in fact, that he quit working as a waiter earning twenty dollars a week plus tips. He would not even dream of working for that kind of money today.

When Panchito goes to Monterrey, Mexico, a city approximately 150 miles South of Laredo, he always has 100 and sometimes 200 people waiting for him, patients who want to be healed. Panchito visits Monterrey once a month, as well as other cities.

Not all of our training was done in the Friday night sessions. Often we were able to help clairvoyants to develop their faculties and abilities in special sessions, and often we helped patients at the same time. One such case was a man, who had originally registered to come to the Friday sessions. I was told about him, but had not met him.

This man was a cancer patient. I had been told that nine months earlier, surgeons had operated on his face, leaving it very distorted. Now the cancer was active again and was very painful. The man knew that the clairvoyants who wanted extra practice would come early on Fridays and I would be there presenting cases to them.

At that early stage in our research, we believed that we had to have the patient present so the clairvoyant could mentally detect abnormalities or malfunctioning systems in the body. Later, of course, we became are that clairvoyants can do just as well at a distance. But at that time, people who wanted help would come and let the clairvoyants work cases on them.

One Friday I was helping a nine-year-old girl develop her clairvoyance by giving her cases to work on. There were eight regulars present who had come to serve as subjects, and perhaps get some help themselves. The eight were seated in a semi-circle, and the young clairvoyant was seated about five feet in front of them, in the center of the semi-circle.

The little girl, working cases with her eyes closed as usual, had completed the first case and was working on the second subject, and was very accurate, when the cancer patient came in. Although, I had not met this man personally, I knew immediately who he was because his face was so swollen and disfigured.

This man, Mr. V., had been told there was nothing that doctors could do for him, and he was to expect the end of his life between three and six months from that time.

As Mr. V. sat behind the row of people and I could see that he was uncomfortable with pain. He had come to see if we could something to at least alleviate the pain.

As soon as the little girl completed the case she was working on, I immediately presented Mr. V.'s case to her, instead of presenting the case of the third person in the semi-circle. The little girl, who had never seen Mr. V., kept her eyes closed as she started to examine the man clairvoyantly.

As Mr. V. listened, the little girl started by saying, "This man is in much pain. He needs immediate help. He has been operated on and part of his jaw bone on the left side is missing, and the jaw is held with wires. Parts of his tongue and palate are also missing."

As she talked, I would look at Mr. V. and he would motion in approval that the clairvoyant was right.

The little girl worked on Mr. V. for twenty minutes, and at the end she said, "To help him with his swelling I am going to do this," and she appeared to be doing something with her hands. Then she said, "He is going to be all right."

I had hoped we would stop then, but she continued saying, "In Three days from today, two perforations are going to appear right about here," and she touched the lower part of the left side of her own face, just below where the jaw bone was, and she added, "and all the stuff is going to drain out and he is going to be all right."

We never like to mention dates or give too much hope to anybody, but I did not know that the little girl was going to say what she did.
Once she said it, it was too late to stop her.

Three days later, Mr. V. came to my office to show me the two perforations that had opened up exactly where the little girl had said they would, and Mr. V. said, "A lot of stuff drained out through the perforations." After that, he had no more swelling of the face.

The end of this story was a happy one.

Mr. V., a widower, remarried and moved to a big city where he could have his face rebuilt with plastic surgery. He did not die three nor six months later. In fact, the last I heard of him was three years later and he was healthy and very happy to be alive.

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