Experiences with psychics, artists, and UFOs

After training several groups in Amarillo, Texas, I decided to arrange a clairvoyant demonstration by some of our more experienced clairvoyants.

I made plans to bring three clairvoyants with me from Laredo, clairvoyants with the most experience.

One clairvoyant, who was trained when she was just nine years old, now had sixteen years experience. You could say she was now sixteen years old in the subjective, clairvoyant, dimension.

Mr. Dord Fitz, the art professor, was very well known so he invited scientists from several universities, medical doctors, nurses and one psychiatrist to attend the demonstration, which was to be held in his art studio, where we had been holding our training sessions. We also invited Dr. B. from the Texas College, and Dr. A. from the Science Foundation. Many graduates also attended the demonstration.

The scientists were to present the problem cases.

A scientist would present the name of a person the scientist knew had a health problem. This scientist also would select which clairvoyant he wanted to work the case.

The clairvoyant, one of the three with many years experience, would enter her level and then the scientist would mention the name of the sick or injured person.

After the clairvoyant did a case, telling the scientist what she had detected clairvoyantly as the problem, the scientist would then tell the audience how accurate the clairvoyant had been.

When it came time for a psychiatrist, to present a case, she selected one of the three clairvoyants to work the case and then said, "Because I am a medical doctor, I cannot divulge the name of my patient. But since you have been very accurate in doing the other cases, I don't think you really need the name to work my case."

Our clairvoyant answered, "You are right, I do not need the name. Just you thinking about your patient is good for me."

Our clairvoyant went to her level and said, "Your patient is a man and he is now in a hospital."

The psychiatrist asked, "Can you tell me why he is there?"

The clairvoyant moved her hands as if investigating something and said,

"This patient has a punctured liver."

The psychiatrist then asked, "What caused the puncture of the liver?"

Our clairvoyant motioned with her hands as if turning back the hands of a clock (one of our Silva ESP techniques to determine what happened in the past) and said, "A knife went through it."

The psychiatrist then asked, "Was it during a fight?" and our clairvoyant again used her hands to go back in time, and answered, "No, the patient fell on the knife. It was an accident."

The psychiatrist then explained that they had believed the patient had been in a fight, but the patient kept insisting that he had fallen on the knife.

"We thought that the patient was lying," she said, "but now, your clairvoyant is also saying that it was an accident. This leads us to take the patient's word that it was an accident."

Another interesting experience that took place that same day concerned a woman graduate who had a child in the hospital who was being treated for a head and ear infection. By coincidence, the child's doctor, was also present at the demonstration. The mother insisted that the doctor present her child's case to one of our clairvoyants. The doctor was hesitant, insisting, "We already know the diagnosis." But upon the continued insistence of the mother, Dr. C. presented the child's case.

The clairvoyant found problems that Dr. C. agreed were correct, but also found one additional problem that the doctor said was not correct. The next day, Dr. C. had the child go through the series of laboratory tests again and they found the problem that had been detected clairvoyantly by our clairvoyant.

Dr. Rhine of Duke University, who advised me many years previously that I should pre-test subjects when doing research, somehow became aware of this demonstration and wrote to me, saying that what I had done lent itself more to entertainment and charlatanism than to science. From that time on, I never again demonstrated before the public. I arranged demonstrations for graduates only.

I learned something else about working cases.

Prior to that time, I used to work cases for people taking the training, but I found myself in a situation of doing more cases for the graduates than teaching.

I changed all of that. From then on, I told the people, "I am not here to work cases for you. My obligation is to help you learn how to work your own cases.''

I would tell them, ''I believe in the philosophy that if you give a fish to a person, that person will eat for a day. But if you teach that person to fish, that person will eat for a lifetime."

I then also promised myself not to ever personally show off my own clairvoyance to anybody, but only to use it to help my own family, and to use it to see that this method of training eventually would be used by every one on this planet.

I also included in the instructor training that Instructors should not work cases for graduates, but that they should get graduates themselves to work cases for each other. In this manner, the graduates would develop into good case workers a lot faster and by so doing, the graduates would develop into superior clairvoyants.

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