Communication with Dr. J.B. Rhine

I wrote Dr. Rhine and explained to him that I had developed a clairvoyant.

His answer was that there was no such thing as developing a clairvoyant.

He said I had probably been working with a natural clairvoyant, one who was born with that gift. He said that most likely I had fooled myself by thinking that I had developed the subject's extraordinary faculties.

I agreed that there was a chance Dr. Rhine could be right since I had no idea that I was going to develop a clairvoyant and that I should pre-test before the training.

I quieted down, but still believed that I'd had something to do with the developing a clairvoyant. After all, I was the subject's father, had known her all her life, and had worked very closely with her during our research on ways to improve her abilities in school.

If she had been displaying any "natural" clairvoyant ability, I felt sure I would have noticed it.

Anyway, I decided to work with others to prove to myself that I had developed the ability in a subject to function as a clairvoyant.

Between the years of 1953 and 1963, my hunch proved correct, for I trained thirty-nine subjects individually to function as clairvoyants. This included men, women and children.

After a decade of carefully documented research, I felt that I had all the evidence anyone would need to demonstrate that I had developed a system to train clairvoyants, and that all people are "natural" clairvoyants.

I continued to invite Dr. Rhine to come and investigate our work, but he never came. Maybe he figured he would be wasting his time. I always felt bad about his not coming to investigate us, especially when I knew that he was making several trips a year to Europe to investigate other researchers over there, such as Dr. Milan Ryzl.

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