Brain development

It has been said that the first brain frequency detected in a fetus in the mother's womb is the lowest on the brain frequency spectrum, called the "delta" frequency. We can then say that human intelligence has entered the physical, objective, plane through the "delta door."

It has also been said that the last brain frequency detected on a dying person is the delta frequency. It appears that human intelligence is on its way back to the subjective plane where it came from.

Another thing to mention here concerns the development of the use of the brain.

We see that the area of the human brain that matures first is the delta and theta region of the brain.

When the human starts to lose the first teeth, that is a sign that the delta and theta region of the brain has reached full maturity, and is basically functioning the way it will function for the rest of the subject's life. The maturing of the delta and theta region of the brain takes place during the first seven years of the person’s life.

The alpha region of the brain appears to mature during the second seven-year anabolic cycle. It is during the second seven-year anabolic cycle.

It is during the maturing of the alpha region that the majority of humans appear to have taken the path of least resistance. By that, I mean humans reach a fork in the road, start to use only the beta part of the brain for thinking and decision making.

There are only a few people, and I have reason to believe the figure is about ten percent, who, during the maturing of the second anabolic cycle, reach the fork in the road of development and then learn to use both arms of the inverted bell-shaped graph.

That means, they learn to use both the beta and the alpha parts of the brain, the objective and the subjective.

To illustrate, we now have, instead of an inverted bell-shaped graph, a Y-shaped graph, or a U sitting on a vertical trunk, or stem. The trunk, or stem, represents the delta and theta section of the brain, and the base of the inverted bell-shaped graph represents the alpha and beta regions of the brain. It is from this region that humans can learn to use both brain hemispheres. Click to see my illustrations of How Humans Develop.

I arrived at most of my semi-conclusions between the years 1953 and 1963, while training 39 clairvoyants, which means I was training humans to use the subjective and intuitive parts of their brain.

First came the theory of it all.

Then I started doing hypnosis, and from that point on it was all practice.

First we practiced with children and their lessons.

Then when they had developed enough, we had the leeway to do age regression.

You see, I first studied for five years, from 1944 until 1949. By 1949, I had the idea we could help children do better in school.

It took me three years to get to the point with the first one where I saw that a girl could do something extraordinary, something I saw was of great value, and that was that she could guess what was on my mind.

Then she started to tell me about other people, and I could verify that she was right. So then it was a matter of practicing and perfecting the system.

In 1962 some friends and I founded the Laredo Parapsychology Foundation, Inc., and established a laboratory in a downtown office building.

We also rented a hall to research with groups.

The training of clairvoyants one at a time was very time consuming, something that was obvious when you consider that we trained only 39 in ten years. So we started training groups. At the same time, I wanted to determine the minimum length of time it would take the group to learn to function effectively.

As I began to assemble groups to work with, the response I got brought back memories of my early research with my own children, using hypnosis to help them do better in school.

My wife, Paula, did not agree, thinking I might hurt their minds or brains.

But later she became convinced of the benefits.

Even later, I would invite the neighbors to bring their children for me to work on them. The neighbors would bring their children, but only to observe while I was working with others. They warned me that I should not touch their children.

But once they were convinced of the benefits, then they wanted to know, "When are you going to have time to work with my child. Don't leave my child for the last!"

Now the complete process was starting all over again as I began to work with groups. I had to convince groups of people that this was their benefit.

The first group was made up of ten men and ten women, all over twenty-one years of age.

The following two groups were composed differently: one with all males over twenty-one, and the other with all females over twenty-one.

Later I had groups with males and females under twenty-one but over fourteen years of age.

Still later, I worked with youngsters between the ages of seven and fourteen.

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