Where do we go from here?

A glimpse into the future

Now that we have come to the present time in our journey together through my memories of the experiences of my life, it is appropriate that we take a look at what the future holds for us.

While my life so far has been filled with fascinating people and events, with adventure and discovery, with frustration and with the sense of high achievement, all of that seems pale by comparison with my vision of the future.

I believe the future for each and every person on this planet, especially those who are among the first to develop their clairvoyant abilities, will hold much more excitement and wonder and discovery and sense of achievement than I have experienced thus far in my very full life.

We are on the threshold of the second phase of human evolution on this planet.

We have achieved great things in the physical dimension, using the left brain hemisphere.

We have conquered the earth, the air, the sea, and even space.

Our next evolutionary step is to begin to use the subjective senses as effectively as we have used the objective ones.

In the subjective dimension we are still infants.

The most proficient clairvoyants are only as children compared to what is to come in the future.

A vision of the future, when all people use the subjective clairvoyant dimension on a moment-to-moment basis, would be as strange and unbelievable to us as if you gave a cave man a glimpse of a busy city street with all its traffic and people and stores and lights and buildings.

We need help if we are to reach the goal of training all people on this planet to be clairvoyant.

Our project for the future, then, is to train the existing ninety percent of humanity who use only the beta brainwave level to think with so that they will also use the alpha level.

We also need to train all parents and parents-to-be so that once they become clairvoyant they will train their own children. This way we will not need to continue to teach all newcomers to this planet. The parents will do it themselves.

Another project we need to keep in mind is to convince all religions and churches that this is their work that we are doing, and also to convince them to help us to do it faster, before it is too late.

Once we train all humanity to be clairvoyant there will be no more sickness, and no more problems of any kind, because clairvoyants can develop into prophets and wisemen, into geniuses capable of solving all kinds of problems.

Then and only then by learning o function will full awareness from the center of our brain frequency spectrum can we reach perfect balance by using both brain hemispheres to the utmost for thinking.

At that time, disease will not kill us, and we will make our transition in perfect health.

Then and only then will we change from hurting and killing each other but instead will help each other so that all of us together can convert this planet into a paradise.

Then and only then will we understand that to function correctly on this planet we must do everything that is good, and that means to supervise the evolving process of creation, caring for the Creator's creation and his creatures.

Then and only then will we understand that we should not get involved in doing what is wrong, and that is that we should not hurt the Creator's creation or His creatures because that would be the real sin.

I hope our message will be understood by the leaders of all religions, because I believe it is their holy obligation to come forward and help us to get the job done. The sooner the better.

Besides training their congregations to develop the spiritual factor and become clairvoyants so as to become more human, the religions can be teaching the educators so that with clairvoyance the educational process can be accelerated to graduate students at age fifteen with their doctors degrees.

I believe that a person should be fully educated for the needs of this planet when nature says that a person has reached adulthood, and I believe that a person has reached adulthood when that person is able to conceive.

To accomplish this, I believe education should be completely revamped.

Memory courses should be adopted along with speed learning systems.

Electronic biofeedback equipment and computers could be used to help in the acceleration of learning, equipment such as our patented Silva Educator. This instrument automatically turns on an educational program when the student reaches the desired level of concentration and relaxation, and turns off the program if the student comes out of that level.

The Silva Educator takes advantage of my early research findings and allows the student to impress information at three different levels of mind.

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