We are walking brains.

Jose Silva on E.E.G.

Jose Silva using his EEG to check his brain

It is sometimes easy for us to think that the body has a brain, but in reality it is just the opposite: the brain has a body.

The brain needs to have information, so it has biological senses to bring it this information.

When the brain needs to see, it uses eyes.

When the brain needs to hear, it uses ears.

When the brain needs to know what something feels like, it uses nerves.

The brain needs nourishment, so it uses the senses of smell and taste to help it find the proper substances.

By doing all of this, the brain is able to function in the physical world.

But that is not all that the brain does.

The brain also has a connection with the subjective world.

The brain can detect information with subjective senses.

When the brain needs information from the subjective world, it gets this information by using the mind.

The mind is the sensing faculty of human intelligence.

Human Intelligence

What is human intelligence? It is what is called the soul or spirit in religion, consciousness in metaphysics.

So there are biological senses of the body that send information to the brain, and subjective senses of human intelligence that send information to the brain.

The biological senses of the body are called sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

The subjective senses of human intelligence are referred to as the mind.

We perceive the subjective information as visualization and imagination.

All of the information from both dimensions is transmitted to the brain.

It is the brain that transfers information from one dimension to the other.

It is the brain that makes it possible to conceive something in the subjective dimension and manifest it in the physical dimension.

When you are centered, with the electrical energy of your brain pulsing at ten cycles per second, this transfer can take place.

Objective information comes through the left brain hemisphere.

Subjective information comes through the right brain hemisphere.

At ten cycles per second brain frequency, you can have awareness in both dimensions.

Practice developing all your senses, the mental and the physical.

Exercise your brain. This will help you correct more problems.

Increased awareness will help you become more aware of information that you can use to solve problems, and this will help reduce the amount of stress in your life.

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