These subjects provided Silva Method foundation

Study of seven subjects gave solid base for new techniques


Written in 1988

The study of seven different subjects went into the formation of the Silva Method.

Credit should be given to each of these subjects in contributing to the Silva Method as it is today.

1. The study of the Bible, Old and New Testaments.

Every time we came across something in research that appeared to be beneficial to human beings, and we thought that it should be added to and made a part of the Silva Method, before adding it to the Method, we made sure that it did not conflict with the Bible's Old and New Testaments.

2. The study of the beginning of all religions, and the creation of churches and their buildings: when, by whom, and under what conditions.

Later, because of research in psychometry, I became interested in studying psychometry and church buildings. Here is why:

The human being walks around surrounded by a globe of energy called the aura, that reaches out in all directions to a distance of no less than 25 feet (about 8 meters). Everything that this human energy field touches is programmed automatically.

By programmed we mean that the aura alters at some depth the state of matter in relation to our thoughts and experiences.

The walls of a church are saturated with thoughts of thousands upon thousands of people who have entered the building with the thought of communicating with our creator.

You may or may not believe in the rabbi, priest or minister; they come and go. But the building stays and continues to host thousands upon thousands of people who radiate and continue to program every bit of mortar, wood and steel with the desire to communicate with our creator, making it easier for those of us who follow, to find the channel of communication with their creator.

Many of my ideas came to me while in my church.

3. The study of the writings and instructions given by a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus and called Christ. He is the Jewish Rabbi who is given credit for the founding of the Christian church.

In studying Christ's sayings and comparing them with our research findings, we found very close similarities. This helped us to develop techniques that helped people.

4. The study of the greats in mind science and research, such as the magnetizers, mesmerizers, and hypnotizers from the past, to the psychologists, psychiatrists and hypnoanalysts of the present.

The one who impressed me the most as a researcher in the field of the mind was not one of the best known. His name is Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, who lived from 1802 to 1866.

Here was a man who became attuned to the same message of passing on to humanity, Christ's discovery that human beings can and should function on more than one plane with full awareness.

5. The study of psychology, hypnosis, parapsychology, electroencephalography, and electronics.

The study of psychology helped us understand human beings better.

The study of hypnosis helped us become better acquainted with the power of our phenomenal minds.

The study of parapsychology helped us to know what others had done in the field and how they did it.

The study of electroencephalography helped us to distinguish the difference between the brain, the mind, and human intelligence.

We have come to accept human intelligence to be what religions call soul or spirit, and different from animal intelligence.

Animal intelligence is also known as cell or biological intelligence.

We also have come to accept the human brain as a biological computer that can be programmed by human intelligence to function automatically, to function semi-automatically, or to function manually through programming.

As for the human mind, we do not consider it to be a thing, but a faculty of human intelligence, existing in what we consider a non-physical dimension, attuning itself to a certain region of the brain that exists in the physical dimension.

Since everything has to do with electro-chemical-magnetic energy interaction, the study of electronics was very helpful.

6. The study of so-called unorthodox medicine, such as faith healing, psychic healing and spiritual healing.
This research has been very exciting, interesting and beneficial.

The most impressive thing is to see a healer use an unorthodox method of healing to correct one of the so-called chronic, incurable, or irreversible health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, glaucoma, cancer, leukemia, allergies or migraine.

We have seen so much done with the use of unorthodox methods that we wonder when someone is going to establish a branch of medicine that encompasses all unorthodox methods of healing to take care of the chronic and “incurable” cases.

Since the very beginning of our work on the Silva Method, we have included all of the common elements that use the patient's own belief systems and mental attitudes to enhance the healing process.

This makes a Silva Method graduate an ideal patient, one who will respond more quickly to all types of treatment.

7. The study of ontology.

This led us to understand that we are representatives of Higher Intelligence.

We call the creator, or God, Higher Intelligence. We believe it is our obligation, our mission, to take care of creation on our plane of existence. We are just now becoming aware that we can do on our plane of existence, what the creator does in the whole universe.

We believe that Higher Intelligence needed someone to take care of this part of creation, so we were created for that purpose.

In order to take care of our mission, we must place at the top of our list of items of importance the correction of all problems.

We think that a problem is anything that keeps the flow of the creative process from reaching perfection.

For us in the Silva Method, we believe that God is the highest of intelligences because God can solve all problems.

We believe that persons who solve many problems are closer to God.

Keep in mind that when we cause a problem we are against God, because problems hurt the creator's creation.

We believe that a coincidence is a mechanism through which Higher Intelligence helps us from another dimension, when we ask for help from the right dimension, in the right manner, for the right thing, at the right time.

The Silva Method will help us find the right dimension, and help us learn to ask in the right manner, for the right thing, at the right time.

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