Learn To Go Within and You Can Get the Whole Story

Vibrations are related to, and depend on, the light of the sun.

Anything that produces light is a transmitter. It produces light energy. Light is energy.

The complete spectrum of energy covers all the vibrations that the body responds to, or has within it.

The visual spectrum is a complete spectrum which, when complete, produces white light. It goes from the red up to the violet.

This is what we can perceive with our senses.

Each of the vibrations of our senses responds and combines with specific frequencies. It detects and vibrates with these frequencies. It repels some of these frequencies, and it absorbs some of these frequencies .

When your sensing faculty detects a frequency, some of it is absorbed and some is repelled. The frequency that is absorbed is converted to a different frequency, which is then transmitted to the brain.

All senses receive energy from the electromagnetic spectrum, convert it to nerve energy, and transmit it to the brain.

The sense of sight receives light energy, converts it to nerve energy, and transmits it to the brain.

The same can be said of the sense of smell, sense of taste, touch, and hearing.

Our biological senses detect physical vibrations, convert them, and transmit them to the left brain hemisphere.

The brain receives nerve energy from the physical senses, converts it to subjective energy, and transmits it to the right brain hemisphere.

The right brain hemisphere also has a set of senses. They are subjective, at a different dimension, not within the physical electro-magnetic spectrum that includes sound vibrations, visible light, etc.

We have two different things happening that we need to interpret:

When we talk about matter, matter is a composition of atomic structure. The vibration of the atomic structure of a particular type of matter depends on the distance of electrons that are circling around the nucleus, or heart, of the atom.

The number of atoms, and their distance from the nucleus, and the rate of circling around the nucleus, produces the rate of vibration.

The sum total of all atoms of a specific type of matter is the fundamental frequency of that type of matter.

All inanimate matter – the mineral world – has these vibrations.

When your sense of sight detect vibration from matter, your senses detect what is reflected by the object.

Your biological senses detect what is reflected from the object.

Your subjective senses detect what is absorbed by the object.

Every object has a different rate of vibration because of the different composition of matter – atomic structure – and the vibration is different.

The object's vibration collides with the vibration of the electro-magnetic energy – light for instance. Now we have two fundamentals: the fundamental frequency of the object, and the fundamental of light, for instance.

When they come together, they add to one another, so we have the sum of both; and when they collide with each other, one neutralizes some of the other, and we have the difference between the two.

So we have four fundamentals :

  • The object
  • Light
  • The sum of both
  • The difference between them

It is like a frequency multiplier, or divider, that can reduce the frequency from a very high rate, to a rate that the senses can perceive.

Take the eye for instance:

  • The eye has its own radiating vibration
  • The reflected object has its own.

Now when light strikes the object, the difference between the fundamental frequency of the object and the fundamental frequency of the light will reflect and be detected by the eye.

When the difference between the object and the light, collides with the eye, it interacts with the fundamental of the eye, and the difference is detected by the eye, converted to nerve energy, and transmitted to the brain.

Each sense does the same thing.

Everything has to do with vibrations: Sense of touch, sense of smell, all of them.

Now the right brain hemisphere is connected to the subjective senses. The subjective senses detect subjective information, the vibrations that are absorbed by the object.

The left brain hemisphere detects information that is reflected by the object.

The right brain hemisphere detects what is absorbed by the object.

Now which of the two would you say would be the most accurate information about the object: What is reflected from it, or what is absorbed?

What's absorbed is not distorted by anything.

What's reflected can be distorted by other reflections.

There are many other reflections that can contaminate the reflection from the object – the reflection that is detected by the physical senses.

But there is nothing to distort or contaminate the inner vibrations that are detected by the subjective senses and transmitted to the right brain hemisphere.

So the right brain hemisphere, the subjective senses, detect things more accurately.

Your thought – your mind – is what locks in on something and detects it.

At alpha, you can detect the object from within.

At beta, you can only detect what is reflected from it.

Being within, since there is no “law of physics” involved, it is as though everything is together.

Your thoughts are the tuning mechanism to change from one frequency to another.

When you are thinking about a typewriter, for instance, you adjust yourself to the vibrating rate of the atomic structure that is absorbed by the typewriter. When you picture it in your mind and think about it, you are there already.

With the physical senses, you have to get it objectively. If you are not there, you have to go where it is in order to detect information about it.

But when you visualize it in your mind, at the alpha level, you are already there.

You can describe it from within, like you can describe it from the outside.

This is beyond physics: Metaphysics. That's the fourth dimension.

In physics you have the height, width, length. The fourth dimension is the depth – the inner dimension that you can detect only with your mind. Penetrating matter and detecting information from the inside.

We say that spiritual medicine operates from within the inner layers of matter, to the outer layers of matter.

Physical medicine operates, or helps, from the outer layers to the inner layers of matter.

Now we can help from both ends: From within, or from without, to solve the problem much faster.

Neither one covers everything. We need both of them. It is like saying, I need the sense of sight, and the sense of hearing also. Not just one. It depends on what is required – whether you need to see, or need to hear.

We cannot hear at the frequency of sight, and cannot see at the frequency of hearing.

We need different channels in order to do both.

The same thing with left and right brain hemispheres: We have to attune to them, and use the appropriate one, depending on what is required to correct a problem.

They operate on two different bands – they are two different ways of communicating, like A.M. radio and F.M. radio. You cannot hear A.M. stations on the F.M. band, and you cannot hear F.M. stations on the A.M. band. You have to tune to the correct one.

To learn everything about matter, you need to use both bands: One external, the other internal. One objective, the other subjective. One left brain, the other right brain.

We need to train our mind to do this.

Healing Subjectively

When it comes to correcting problems subjectively, inanimate matter is one thing, animate matter is another.

With inanimate matter, the law of physics takes over. There are a lot of things that cannot be done to inanimate matter except through the laws of physics - through physical means:

If you want to move something, you move it physically.

Right brain thinking – subjective thinking – imagination – has an energy to cause life to move. Not inanimate matter, though.

But animate matter will follow a blueprint that you create with your mind.

If a plant is not producing what it should, you imagine it producing it. You are going to help it do what it is supposed to do. You cannot get the plant to do something it is not supposed to do.

You cannot get an apple tree to produce oranges. That is impossible, because that does not conform to the original blueprint.

But you can help it produce more apples.

Objectively, you can hurt an apple tree and cause it to produce fewer apples, or more apples.

Subjectively, you can help it produce more apples, but you cannot change the normal to the abnormal, to produce fewer apples.

You can only influence, subjectively – within – what the plant is supposed to do, not what it is unable to do.

If the plant is supposed to produce, it is going to produce. You cannot get it to not produce through subjective means.

With the left brain hemisphere, you can help or you can hurt. You can help it to produce more, or keep it from producing.

You can hurt it or you can help it through objective means.

Subjectively you can never hurt anything. You can only help it to do what it is supposed to do.

The subjective, right brain energy, controls the creative process.

In order to create something, you need to first have a blueprint. You create the blueprint with imagination, then matter will conform to the image that you have in your mind. But you must have animate matter; you cannot do it with inanimate matter, because it has no intelligence.

Inanimate matter cannot move, because there are no cells there, no life. Animate matter can move towards perfection, towards the original blueprint.

Imagination has the power to correct problems with animate matter. But it has to be done with the right brain, with subjective energy.

It could be that the person developed a bad habit that damaged part of their body, the heart for instance. Or it could be that somebody along the way made a mistake – papa or mama for instance, in conceiving, or because they had a health problem while conceiving and it was transferred to the child. Now we have to correct it.


Everything vibrates, and we sense information through the internal vibrations of an object.

Your body's vibrations penetrate objects within your presence and affect the internal vibrations of the objects. Your body radiation charges up the object with your own frequencies. When you touch a ring, for instance, it becomes an extension of you; it is saturated with your own vibrations.

Later, someone else can hold the object and project into it subjectively and sense the vibrations of the previous owner.

In order to do this, you need to go to alpha, use right brain thinking, and desire to want to know about the person who owned the object.

What are you looking for? Color of hair? Color of eyes? What information do you want to know? It does not just come to you automatically. You have to know what you want to know.

This can make case working more effective.

If you are seeking information about a missing person, it would be good if you had something that the person had worn, to hold in your hand. It would make it easier for you to tune in to the person.

If you are programming to help someone who is ill, it would help to have something of theirs to hold in your hand.


Husband and wife need to have the same vibrations in order to get along.
The vibrations change in the bodies of individuals.

How do you start loving somebody? Or anything?

By changing whatever it is to your vibrations, or to similar vibrations, to be alike.

The way it starts is like this:

A boy is walking on one side of the street, and a girl is walking down the other side of the street.

They see each other and they like what they see.

Energy radiates about eight meters from the body. So if they are within 16 meters of each other – about 50 feet – then their auras are contacting each other.

What are they trying to do?

He is trying to change her aura to be more like his, and she's trying to change his aura to hers.

Their body radiations are different, but when they spend enough time together, they finally match.

There are several stages to contact:

  • First is sight.
  • Then the sense of touch.
  • Voice, and so on.

The closer they get, the stronger the changes. It is a battle between two auras, trying to change each other.

Finally, kissing, hugging, and the sex act – Bingo! – the chemistry is completely changed now.

If either one finds somebody else that they like, and their aura starts changing to be similar to the other person, they start having problems because they don't match anymore. They don't synchronize. There is something about each other that they don't like, and they start having problems.

That's why you should not let yourself become attracted to someone else. If you start seeing another person, then you weaken what you have with your mate. If it weakens too much, they will go find somebody else.

A husband and wife should not be too far apart. It is best for them to sleep in the same bed. When they are together a lot, this will keep the vibrations strong, they will not change. If the vibrations start to change, get closer to your partner and strengthen them again, bring them back into harmony, synchronized, matched.

The same things happens with objects, too. You love your coat, your shoes. You don't want to throw them away because they are part of your body, they are saturated with your own energy.

Even though they may be worn out and look bad, you don't want to throw them away. You keep them in a corner, in a closet.

The same thing happens to a plant, to a pet, and even more to other human beings. It hurts when you break a connection. When you lose a friend, it hurts, because you break the radiations.