We Must Identify Problems In Order To Correct Them

Sometimes people ask why we mention all of those diseases in the Preventive Statements in the Basic Lecture Series (BLS). Let me explain:

One of the basic principles of our system is that we correct specific problems.

Those diseases are definitely problems.

We have heard about those diseases for years.

  • Do this or don’t do that and you could get cancer.
  • Live a certain way and you will suffer hypertension and heart disease.
  • Smoke, or just breathe big-city air and you will have respiratory problems. And so on and on and on.

So we want to identify the problems and develop tools that we can use later to combat those illnesses.

It is easy to understand when we use the analogy that Dr. J. Wilfred Hahn developed. Dr. Hahn identifies the logical part of himself as Wilfred, the left-brained scientist. The creative and intuitive part he calls Willie.

It is Willie that takes care of the body. But Willie is dominated by Wilfred.

So logical Wilfred has been bombarding Willie for years with warnings about all of those diseases we are likely to get because of the lifestyles we live.

Now we need to give Willie another message.

So in the Preventive Statements, we advise Willie that he never needs to learn to develop those diseases.

Those statements are programmed in very deeply. We do not put them in your student manual, because you cannot program them as deeply on your own as your lecturer can during the BLS.

Once Willie gets the new message, then all you need to do is to use the techniques you have been taught.

The Ideal Answer

Whenever anyone asks you how you are, answer “Better and Better.”

That phrase has been programmed at a very deep level of mind and is associated with not being able to develop those diseases, and with maintaining a perfectly healthy body and mind.

In fact, the simple act of going to level once every day activates all of the helpful phrases in our mind training programs.

When you couple this with the natural benefits of spending time at alpha every day, you then have powerful protection from illness.

Relaxing while your brain pulses at the alpha level – which you learn to do in all of the Silva courses – automatically strengthens your immune mechanism. And since that level is associated with all of those helpful phrases, you get even more benefit.

This is something that is not available from our imitators.

Take Advantage of Our Many Years of Research

People who do not understand, people who have not conducted all of the years of research that I have, think that they can leave something out without hurting the course.

They do not understand that they are hurting their customers by not providing them with the tools they need to correct problems and maintain good health.

Many of the other techniques we have work on the same principle:

  • First, identify the problem.
  • Develop tools to use to correct it.
  • Then correct the problem.

Mirror of the Mind and the 3-Scenes Technique – what is the first thing you do?

You visualize the problem.

How about the Headache Control Technique – what is the first thing you say? “I have a headache, I feel a headache.”

You state the problem.

How do you work a case? What do you do after you have an image of the subject’s body? You scan the body to locate any problems.

How about Awake Control; for remaining awake longer. What’s the first thing you say?

“I am drowsy and sleepy...”

In every instance, we start by recognizing the problem.

The Preventive Statements are the same.

We are stating the problem, so that the mind – Willie – knows what direction to take.

We have to know two things in order to chart a course: Where we are, and where we’re going.

Some systems try to deny that the problem exists. That’s one major difference between them and the Silva Method.

You have some very powerful tools to use. To activate them, just practice what you have been taught.

Spend time at level every day and you should stay healthy.

And if you do have one of those illnesses, then work a case on your own body and correct it.

You have the tools. All you need to do now is use them.

(José Silva wrote this in 1990 and it was published in Vol. 21, No. 11 of the Silva Method Newsletter.)