Holistic faith healing project that let Jose Silva know he was on the right track

During my research into the mind and human potential, I learned many healing techniques, and I learned how to apply them very effectively.

Eventually I began to realize that it might not be necessary to be there in person to heal someone.

Perhaps I could correct problems at a distance.

As I began working with this approach, it seemed promising.

But I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just fooling myself, so I set up a special test.

The test

I selected ten people here in the Laredo area who were very sick.

Some were given only a short time to live.

Others were told they would never overcome their disease.

I decided to work on those people, and see if I could actually help them. If I could help one person with such a serious illness, this could be a coincidence, I thought. But if I could help two of them, I'd know it was beyond coincidence, and I was really onto something.

It was not necessary to work on each person every day. Once I corrected the problem in the subjective dimension, I expected it to manifest in the physical dimension. When I was at my level and happened to think of one of those people, I would reinforce the correction I had made.

If they had regressed any, I would correct it again.

The results

This was not a short term project that I could just work on for a few weeks and forget. It was a project that could take a lot of time. I made a commitment to myself to work on these people for as long as it took, until they got well, or passed on.

One of them responded. That encouraged me.

Then another one got well.

Then I knew I was really on to something, that I had come upon a method to help people even when I could not be with them in person.

There were still eight more people, so I continued to work on them.

When I felt that one of them needed some help, I would program them while at my level.

Eventually, over the next three years, all of them recovered.

Every single subject got well!

The next step

A gift like this should be used. I felt an obligation to help people.

But there was a problem: I am only one person, and I could not find enough time to help everybody who needed help. There was no way that one person could heal everybody in Laredo, much less in the whole world.

So I began to experiment to see if I could teach other people how to do what I did.

As you know, we were able to come up with a method to teach anybody how to use more of their mind to detect and correct problems.

This seemed so promising that I made a decision to stop healing anyone except my own family members, and to invest my time in teaching other people how to heal.

If I can put a healer in every household, then I can help to heal everybody in the world.

Your help needed

We receive calls here in Laredo almost every day from people who have health problems and need help. Some of the calls come from Silva graduates who need help for themselves.

Sometimes they have been practicing, sometimes not.

Other calls come from Silva graduates who seek help for loved ones or friends. Some come from people who have read one of our books, and some from people who have heard of us from a friend.

We do what we can to help them, but again we receive so many calls that we are limited in what we can do. Often we work the case once, then use the Alpha Uni-Mold, which is a technique for helping a lot of people at once.

We need more people to help us help people who need help.

We need healing hot lines around the country and around the world so that we can refer people to someone in their local area who can help them.

We cannot do it all by ourselves.

Several years ago I helped a group of graduates start the Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology. But the leaders of the organization' gradually drifted away and now it is inactive.

I cannot do everything myself.

We need some leadership from among the millions of Silva graduates worldwide.

I realize that most people have jobs and families and other interests. So do our employees in Laredo. So do I. We are doing what we can, but we need your help.

If you are willing to start and manage a healing hot line and to help some of the many people who call here asking for help, please let me know and we will refer these cases to you.

If you appreciate the benefits that you have received from the Silva Method, then perhaps you will want to offer to help others who are less fortunate.

I believe that this is what we were put here for. I've worked hard all my life to help people. Now it is time for others to help. Please write to me if you are willing to help.

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