Reinforce Successes

You Will Be More Successful When You Dwell on Success

When you succeed at something, you get a unique feeling of success. It is a special feeling that you only get by succeeding at something.

Even if you have only one talent, you can still solve more than one problem. You can have many successes.

When you use your one talent to solve many problems, you accumulate many feelings of success.

When you accumulate enough feelings of success, these serve as a key to discover a second talent.

Then you can use both talents to accumulate enough experience, enough feelings  of success, to unlock another talent.

A Better Way to Achieve Success

They used to tell us to learn from our mistakes, that our success would be built on a ladder of failures.

Now we know better:

Greater success is built on a ladder of lesser successes.

The feelings of success that you accumulate from using the first talent may be enough to reveal a second talent, but not enough for the third talent. However, by using the two talents, you will be able to accumulate enough feelings of success to uncover the third talent.

Then you can use the three talents to help you develop a fourth talent.

The accumulation of successes equals wisdom.

We have demonstrated, through scientific research, that you can imagine doing something and it is almost as if you had actually done it - provided that you use your imagination at the alpha brain wave level.

Chart showing value of Silva Star Athlete Mental Rehearsal TechniqueAthletes who went to their level and imagined shooting at a goal for five minutes improved 68 percent, compared to athletes who physically shot at the goal for five minutes and improved 70 percent.

And a third group of athletes who played the game mentally for two and a half minutes and physically for two and a half minutes improved 160 percent!

If you have one success, and you enter your level and review that success, and especially review and recall that special feeling of success, then it is almost like having another success.

If you have one success and then review that success and the feeling of success at your level ten times, it is almost like having ten more successes.

So cancel-cancel your failures. Erase them, and replace them with memories of successes. And from then on, dwell on your successes. If you happen to think of a failure, cancel-cancel it and recall your success.

Using information correctly. Remember that it is not enough just to put together bits of information just to have knowledge. Knowledge is to be used, and to be used correctly.

The Correct Use of Knowledge Is For Problem Solving

Truth and reality solve problems. If something creates problems, it goes in the other direction.

If we can get enough information, we can solve all problems, eliminate all suffering. So, perfect your information gathering techniques.

Our senses detect information, both biological (objective), and subjective.

Most people have been using only animal type senses, the senses of the body.

Now people are learning how to sense information with human intelligence type sensing.

Which senses are "extra"?

We feel that the fundamental senses are the senses of human intelligence, of the mind. The biological senses are an extension of these.

Clairvoyance is not an "extra" sense. It is a fundamental, or prior, sense. We had it before we had a body, and will have it after we no longer use the body. It is the biological senses that are the extensions, the "extra" senses.

Visualization is the fundamental detecting sense of physical eyesight.

The physical senses (the extensions) are limited. They can be fooled. If you put up a wall, you cannot see beyond the wall with the physical sense of eyesight.

You can see beyond the wall with the subjective senses of human intelligence.

You can't fool the human intelligence senses; you cannot hide from them.

When you function from the center of the universe of human intelligence - at ten cycles per second alpha - there are no limitations to what you can do, because there are no limitations to what the mind can do.

We are made in the image of our creator, not in what we can see with our eyes, but by what we can do with our minds.

Practice entering your level. Practice working health cases. Regain the use of your fundamental, subjective, senses.

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