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Are you willing to be the very first “Neighborhood Healer” in your neighborhood? Yes, you can do this. And it only takes a few minutes to learn how. This is the wonderful gift that Jose Silva left us. All we are asking now is that you try it and see for yourself that you have the ability channel healing energy through your body to help your neighbors.

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  • Topic: Alternative Healing
  • Authored by: Jose Silva
  • Presenter: Ed Bernd Jr., Jose Luis Romero, Katherine Sandusky
  • Language: English
  • Format: Computer Compatible Video, MP3 audio downloads, PDF Manual


Be prepared when a loved one needs help

Learn how you can help your loved ones with what we have found to be the most effective holistic faith healing, alternative medicine, and therapeutic touch techniques practiced by faith healers throughout the world.

Good health is the foundation of good life. Without good health, you will not be as productive as you could be, you cannot be there for your family the way you want to be, and you won’t enjoy all the goodness that life has to offer.

The better your health, the more energy you will have to solve problems and improve conditions for yourself and your loved ones.

It is well known that human energy heals. This is part of the alternative health movement.

You can learn how to help your doctor help your body to heal.

You can learn how to use the correct level of mind – the alpha level – and the correct techniques – the Silva holistic faith healing techniques – to direct your human energy for the correction of health problems. These instant downloads will guide you step-by-step.

We are talking about going beyond mental projection at a distance. We are talking about using more than mind alone. We are talking about using the mind in conjunction with the body’s radiating energy to correct abnormalities in another human being.

This short video excerpt from the Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course shows you how you will learn the laying-on-of-hands techniques:

You will also learn how to use the most powerful technique we know of to strengthen your immune mechanism, a technique that you and your loved ones can use to protect yourself from illness, to regain health when necessary, and to maintain superior good health for your entire life.

In theory, it is relatively easy to overcome the health problems that we encounter: Enter a deep programming level, acknowledge the problem, program the desired end results, and let human intelligence take care of things.

When we do this, human intelligence will eliminate the cause of the problem. Not just the symptoms, but the cause of the problem. Drugs only treat symptoms. Even hypnosis only treats symptoms. To correct the cause of the problem, you must do it yourself.

But this is often easier said than done.

Step-by-step guidance to success

If you are not deep enough, you will not get the results you desire.

That’s where the Silva UltraMind Holistic Faith Healing can help.

You can be that healer, with the power to relieve pain, correct problems, and give hope to those who need it.

Where does energy come from? Higher intelligence. When you help your family members and friends in this manner, you are literally an agent of higher intelligence – an agent of God – with healing energy flowing through your body.

If someone in your family is ill and suffering now, it is vital that you learn to help them with the Silva holistic faith healing techniques.

If everyone in your family is healthy now, it is essential that you learn right now how to use the Silva holistic faith healing techniques so that you will be prepared at the first sign of trouble, and can head off any major problems.

With good health and vitality and energy, a person can be productive and contribute to the well-being of his or her family, and will enjoy life to the fullest.

Just imagine how this can help you and your loved ones have a happy, fulfilling life full of successes and accomplishments.

Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Please don’t risk your health and the health of your loved ones, sign up for a live workshop, a Webinar, or the home study course and let me take the risk.

If you are not completely satisfied, we will offer you a full refund.

Learn today, because good health is essential to everything that you do in life.

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The course is available for instant download. For information about downloading the course materials (especially if you are downloading to an iPhone or iPad), please visit the download help page.


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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money backFrom the very beginning, Jose Silva always stood behind his courses with a simple guarantee:

If you are not satisfied, you can have your money back.

We continue that tradition today: If you are not satisfied at any time during the course, at the completion of the course, or even within a few days after the conclusion of the course, simply let your instructor know and ask for a refund.

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