Overcame “Incurable” Disease

Deep levels of mind and correct attitude helped her overcome multiple sclerosis

In order to obtain guidance and help from high intelligence, it is important that you have the correct motive for doing so.

What is the correct motive?

Is high intelligence going to help you in order for you to have a wonderful life, to get everything you want, to enjoy yourself?

Will high intelligence help you to gain at somebody else’s loss? Will high intelligence help you to take the prizes and deprive your opponents of winning them?

We do not think so, and the evidence supports us.
We believe that the correct reason for seeking help is so that you can use the help and guidance that you receive to do the job you were sent here to do.

And what is that job?

To correct problems, and by so doing, to perfect the creation and convert planet earth into a paradise.

Well, that’s a good theory, but is there any evidence to support it?

And more importantly, is there a way that we can actually determine what our job is? Is there a way to find out what task high intelligence has assigned to us?

Fortunately, the answer to all three questions is: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Jose Silva learned very early in his life that the more you give, the more you get. And his research and study of successful people has confirmed that over and over again.

The world’s religions support this idea

The Koran agrees that it is our duty – our duty – to help those who need our assistance, with more than our prayers: “Woe be unto those who pray, and who are negligent at their prayer: Who play the hypocrites, and deny necessaries to the needy.”

You do not have to be wealthy to help somebody else. “Even the beggar who lives on alms should himself bestow alms,” the Babylonian Talmud suggests.

You can see an example of how all of us can help others in the story of Marge Wolcott below. She could not sit up by herself – she had to have a brace on her neck to hold her head up – and still she spent much of the day helping others.

What Jose Silva realized, as he studied both the unsuccessful people and the successful ones – as he studied the ancient writings and at the same time worked with thousands of people – what he learned was that a correct sense of values is an important factor in success.

In fact, this was very important to Jose in his work as a holistic faith healer.

He was a very successful faith healer.

You can read what he wrote in his Autobiography about the necessity for a correct sense of values at the end of this post.

Overcame incurable illness by praying for others

People who understand the principle that we are all connected here on Planet Earth, and that whatever affects one human being affects all of humanity, are the people who achieve miraculous success.

There was a lady from The Valley – South Texas – named Marge Wolcott, who attended the Silva training with us in Laredo. It was February 1982.

She was a very religious person, who was accustomed to praying for other people’s health. Here is her story, in her own words:

“I had multiple sclerosis for 15 years. When I came to the Silva lectures, I was wearing a body brace and a neck brace. I had to bring in a special chair to sit in.

“When I came to Silva, I had strong faith, but it was doubled after I finished the course.

“Two months after graduating, in March 1970, I took the neck brace off.

Two months later, in May, the body brace broke, across the back, the shoulder area. My daughter, who had taken the course with me, suggested I quit wearing it. She knew I had been tempted to take it off.

“I tried it, and have not worn it since. In fact, later, a doctor from Dallas who had a crippling illness and had to close his practice, came to visit me. I didn’t know it then, but he knew a lot about MS, and said later he could not detect any signs that I’d ever had it!

“He took the Silva course, recovered, and reopened his practice, I heard.

“After I recovered from the MS, I saw my doctor again. His only comment was that he’d heard of this kind of thing happening, but this was the first time he had ever seen it. He had felt there was no hope of my recovering. I had worn the brace about seven or eight years.

“Here’s what I did, using the Silva techniques:

“I programmed three times a day. Many people were calling me, asking me to help them, so I would go to level three times a day to program for them.

“Since I was programming for them, I’d also program for myself after I had finished programming for them.

“I knew the doctors felt there was no hope for me, so I had little hope myself. I had desire, of course, and I would not have bothered programming if I had not had some expectancy that it could help. But I was not concerned about it. If I got better, that would be great. If not, I could accept that.

“The Bible says that whatever you do for others, comes back to you 10-fold. Apparently, when I programmed for the other people, I was helping myself, too. The thoughts of healing seemed to have influenced my own brain to make corrections in my own body.

“It has been twelve years since I graduated from the Silva training, and I have had no trouble since then with the MS.”

Correct sense of values helps when correcting health problems

Here is what Jose Silva wrote in his Autobiography, about the necessity for a correct sense of values:

“I would ask the patient some questions, such as, ‘Do you really want to be healed?’ and I would add, ‘because my time is very valuable and I do not intend to waste it.’

“Of course the answer was, ‘Yes, I want to be healed.’ Some even felt insulted by my asking such a question.

“My next question was, ‘Why do you want to be healed?'”

If the answer was, ‘To be a better wife (or husband, or son, or daughter) and help by being a perfect human being who will help solve the problems of my neighborhood, my city, state, or nation,’ there was no more to say. I would go to work and help the patient.

“But if the answer centered on how the patient needed to live it up, enjoy life, not helping anything or anybody, then I would try to straighten out the patient’s way of thinking before starting the healing.”

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