Meeting Your Responsibility

Are You Meeting Your Responsibility? - 1990

Your Biggest Profits Come From Doing What Is Right.

Sometimes it seems like people think that maximizing profits is more important than doing what's right.

We see this in many different areas:

Corporations that make decisions based on "bottom line" profits rather than social responsibility. Where are the industrialists like Henry Ford who raised workers' wages because he thought they needed more money?

Politicians who base policies on public opinion polls rather than their own convictions. Where are leaders like Harry Truman who pushed for financial aid to help our former enemies rebuild after World War II although the polls showed that only 14 percent of Americans supported that?

Television preachers who spend almost half of their air time asking for money from their followers. When did we start putting the money changers on pedestals instead of driving them out of the temples?

Entertainers who say in interviews that "I will go wherever the most money is, and do whatever makes me the most money."

World champion athletes who say that if they find that they have to take drugs to keep winning, then they will take the drugs.

Or athletes like the champion bodybuilder who said during a primetime interview recently, "I'm a marketing guy" in explaining why he said that working out with weights is better than sex.

"Of course it isn't," he admitted many years later. But how many young minds were influenced by his earlier statements, then felt like failures, gave up and stopped training when they found that bodybuilding is hard, hard work and nothing at all like sex? Those statements may have helped make the him a valuable celebrity, but what effect did they have on the self-image of those young people?

Does anybody feel a sense of responsibility any more?

Does anybody care?

Profit At Whose Expense?

Many people come to us and tell us that we have to change the Silva Method to make it more acceptable to people.

Teachers have told us that they just want to teach techniques from the first part of the program, starting with Memory Pegs and the Mental Screen. They say that children learn more quickly than adults so we can change the course.

I answer that my research was with children, and the course is structured the way that works best.

Athletes ask us to give them a one day program that shows them how to enter the alpha level and visualize with both the left and the right brain hemispheres.

I explain that they need the creative mental exercises in the third segment of the Basic Lecture Series (and in the newer Silva UltraMind ESP System), and the case working in the fourth segment, that will exercise their right brain hemisphere and bring its strength up to that of the left brain hemisphere.

Managers and executives ask us to teach them how to beat out their competition, but they don't want to get into the techniques that give them the experience of oneness with all life. Many of them rather win at any cost than to work for what's best for all concerned.

Sometimes our lecturers spin off so that they can teach shorter programs that are easier to sell. Why don't they take the course that I developed, a proven program that works, and find ways to present it to specialists in different fields? Why not make the effort to find new applications for our training, instead of taking the easy road of changing and diluting it for the sake of a quick and easy profit?

Business people tell me I should not talk about politics or religion because those are very emotional subjects that can make people angry, and that this can hurt our business and cost us money.

To me, some things are more important than profits. When I feel something strongly, I have to act on it.

Others before me have felt that way. A famous Texan, Sam Houston, said to do right and risk consequences. The Bible tells us that Christ asked if we are willing to give away all we own to follow Him. What does it profit a man if he gains worldly things and loses his soul? Christ was willing to back up His beliefs with action.

I believe we were sent to this planet on a temporary mission to help improve conditions here.

After a short stay, we go back to the other side, where we came from. That is where the higher intelligence that we call God resides. That's the way I see it, my own personal opinion.

When we get back over there, I believe, we are asked to report on our accomplishments.

What will you report?

What have you done?

It is later than you think.

(Jose Silva wrote this in 1990)

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