So that when we move on we shall have left behind a better world for those who followGuided by higher intelligence

Jose Silva is more than a great American success story... his life is a Universal Success Story.

Born into a poor family on the Texas-Mexican border, orphaned at the age of 4, he nevertheless always seemed to lead a charmed life, as if some higher power were guiding him.

In fact, he always believed that he was guided by "higher intelligence" to achieve the success he achieved.

With no formal education, no mentors to guide him, no power, no money, no influence, he followed the guidance from higher intelligence to become a successful businessman.

In 1944 he began to conduct research into the mind and human potential.

In 1966 he established the World's Number 1 Mind Training System, which eventually spread throughout the United States and to more than 100 foreign countries.

In 1997 he turned his attention to the subject that had always interested him the most:

How to obtain guidance from higher intelligence, so that we can fulfill our mission in life.

The result, shortly before his passing in 1999, was the Silva UltraMind ESP System, the course he called "the ultimate of the ultimate."

With Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, you can develop your intuition and learn to use it regularly, reliably, and accurately to detect information that you can use to help you make better decisions.

And when you make better decisions, you will make fewer mistakes, have fewer problems to correct, you will be right more often than wrong, and you will achieve the success that you've always know, deep within, that you are capable of.

How one man changed the consciousness of humanity

In 1966, when Jose Silva taught his first public class, few people even believed that ESP existed. Today, humanity accepts the reality of psychic ability, they understand that they can learn to do project their minds effectively and detect information, and they acknowledge the reality of a spiritual dimension, and a higher power that guides and supports us when we do what we were sent here to do.

This man with no formal schooling wrote the book on mind development - in fact, he's had more than a dozen books published by major publishers, in two dozen languages.

Although he was responsible for millions of people learning to use their ESP to improve their lives, he always believed there was something more. He described those first 30 years as "moving towards the beginning of the second phase of human evolution on the planet."

What would that second phase be? While he was not sure what would be revealed to him in the future, he was investigating in the correct area. He described it to a group of 40 scientists in 1973.

Better communication

Jose Silva invited a group of scientists to Houston, Texas, as his guest, so that he could introduce them to his work and answer any questions that they had about it.

Recently, we found the tape recordings that were made of that historic meeting.

And we discovered something very interesting about the research that Jose Silva wanted to do at that time.

After the master of ceremonies finished introducing all of the scientists at the conference, Mr. Silva welcomed them and made a few brief remarks.

The visiting scientists were introduced by the master of ceremonies, then Jose welcomed them. He talked for 10 minutes about funding, about the research grants that come from commercial organizations.

He told the scientists how he had built his own commercial organization from the results of his research, and was earning enough money to fund his own research. In this way, he could research anything he wanted to, not be restricted by the people providing the funds.

He acknowledged that all of the scientists at the conference had their own pet projects that they would like to research, and he told the scientists about the area that he wanted to research next.

Here is a recording of Jose Silva made at that 1973 conference, telling other scientists what he wanted to learn:

Next phase of research"

We are interested: Is there a higher intelligence somewhere? Of course we are."

We think we are tapping into it at some level, somehow, because we ourselves cannot explain - even ourselves within the movement cannot explain the success that we have had, except through help from higher levels."

And that is putting it lightly. "Now our interest would be: Can we establish a better communication with higher levels of intelligence, wherever they are? "Are they somewhere in the universe?"

Are they somewhere in the center of our galaxy?"

Can we, or should we, communicate subjectively, instead of the way we have been trying before?"

Now there are glimpses and hints in this direction that this could be. It could be."

That's a little too far out for people to fund, you see. Well, we want to be able to have an organization for it, to be able to generate all the funds that are necessary, to research even that, that may seem so far out, because we are far out people."

The answer is finally revealed

It wasn't until 1997 that higher intelligence finally revealed the answer to him. By then, the world was ready. People had finally come to accept the reality of ESP, of the spiritual dimension, of remote viewing, of a higher power.

The answer lies in the Delta brain wave level. That's where we can communicate with higher intelligence.

In 1997 José came up with the MentalVideo Technique, and by November of that year had built the Silva UltraMind ESP System to take full advantage of it.

And in July 1998 the puzzle was completed when he told us:"Just remember that the reason we were given psychic ability is so that we can find out what we were sent here to do it, and how to do it successfully."

That sums up the "second phase of human evolution on the planet." It is not asking higher intelligence to do things for us, to make us rich and famous, to help us prevail over our enemies. It is asking higher intelligence to reveal to us what our mission is, what we were sent here to do, and how to do it successfully.

It is asking higher intelligence to guide us to do what we were sent here to do.

It is being willing to submit to the guidance and direction of a higher power, in order to improve conditions on planet earth.

For many years, he knew that help from a higher power was available to us. But, as he indicated in 1973, he didn't fully comprehend how to utilize that help.

He knew that he had been guided when higher intelligence wanted to guide him. He was guided "by coincidence" to many of the scientific discoveries he made during his research. But it always seemed to happen when higher intelligence wanted it to.

He also knew that after he had made a good effort to correct a problem, he could call on higher intelligence for help. It wasn't until 1997 that higher intelligence was finally ready to reveal to him a simple method for obtaining guidance and help on a regular basis - every day if necessary - to help us fulfill our purpose in life and improve conditions on planet earth.

He used to tell a story that is an excellent example of the way he used to call on higher intelligence for help. It was experiences like this one that eventually led him to the MentalVideo Technique that is the cornerstone of the Silva UltraMind ESP System today.

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