A Man... a Message... a Method

  • The man is Jose Silva.
  • The message is "We all have psychic abilities that can be cultivated to our advantage." 
  • The method is SILVA MIND CONTROL, an application of the new science of psychorientology - the study of how to orient and use your mind to achieve greater success in all aspects of life.
  • Before his passing, Jose Silva left us a new application of psychorientology: the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems.


Meet the founder of the new science of psychorientology

He can teach you to use more of your mind.

MIND CONTROL, the system that he developed over a 25 year period can teach you to discover frontiers of your mind that you did not even know existed.

MIND CONTROL is a method that he researched and formulated strictly through scientific methods. It is a method that helps you develop your psi factor, the mis-named "extra sense."

Jose Silva began research in MIND CONTROL in Laredo, Texas in 1944; since 1966 he has taught classes in a number of cities in Texas.

Presently (in 1969) graduates of MIND CONTROL number in the thousands. Of these thousands there has never been one failure. MIND CONTROL enables you to develop a sense that ''you share with everyone," a sense that has been uniformly neglected and left behind in man's objective evolution. 

The truth about ESP

ESP is not "extra" at all; MIND CONTROL understands ESP to mean EFFECTIVE SENSORY PROJECTION. 

Sensory projection is effective, sensory projection is energetic, and sensory projection is the personal possession of everyone.

Until now, it is likely that your innate psychic ability has been like unmined gold and unsung songs.

By applying the principles and techniques of MIND CONTROL it will come to the surface at your command, your mind's control. You will need no crystal ball, no tea leaves, no hypnotic trance to operate at deeper levels of your mind. You will need no gimmicks at all... all you need is concentration, desire and expectation.

Jose Silva is a lay scientist whose interest in the field of parapsychology grew out of disbelief in the paranormal. 

When his research experiences led him to a complete reversal in his thinking, he made remarkable discoveries about the nature of the human mind, and like Galileo who dropped differing weighted objects from the tower, da Vinci who theorized about human flight, and Edison who designed the incandescent light, Jose Silva developed the means of effective sensory projection. 

Universal psychic ability

He believed in the possibility of universal innate psychic ability. The result was the development of a series of courses that show people how to operate at different levels of their minds. This method is MIND CONTROL... your control of your mind.

Silva formulated a series of four mini-courses: 101, 202, 303A, and 303B. In MC101CR you learn the way to acquire controlled relaxation, a requisite in psychic education. 

In MC202GSI you learn how to subjectively improve yourself and your self-image. In 303A you become proficient in those two qualities of genius, imagination and visualization; and in 303ESP you begin to actively function in the psychic dimension!

In addition to these standard courses, there is a course designed specifically for school children, a course designed specifically for business people, and a professional course.

Learn this new skill now

As results repeatedly show, MIND CONTROL can be learned. YOU can learn MIND CONTROL. 

You can choose levels of awareness at which you want to function. You can improve the skills within your intellectual potential, such skills as concentration, memory, creative imagination, and verbal or artistic expression. You can bolster such personality components as self-confidence, motivation and leadership.

You can correct such disturbing behavior patterns as excessive drinking, smoking and overeating, nervous tension, shyness and insomnia.

You can learn to exercise to the maximum your intuitive potential, your psychic ability. With Silva MIND CONTROL you will:

  • learn to extend your awareness into your inner consciousness. 
  • learn to use more of your mind. 
  • discover the kingdom within. 

The potential is there. Realize it. Actualize it. Use more of your mind.

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Note: This is an updated version of an article that first appeared in the first issue of the Silva Mind Control Newsletter in 1969. It was used extensively to promote the course and to let the world know that ESP was now within reach of everyone. The original article was written by Alice McKnight