Welcome and Congratulations

Welcome and thank you for joining the movement that is leading humanity into the 2nd phase of human evolution on the planet

by Jose Silva

We have achieved great things in the physical dimension, using the left brain hemisphere. We have conquered the earth, the air, the sea, and even space. Our next evolutionary step is to begin to use the subjective dimension and the right brain hemisphere as effectively as we have used our left brain hemisphere.

In the subjective dimension we are still infants. The most proficient clairvoyants are only as children compared to what is to come in the future. A vision of the future, when all people use the subjective clairvoyant dimension on a moment-to-moment basis, would be as strange and unbelievable to us as if you gave a cave man a glimpse of a busy city street with all its traffic and people and stores and lights and buildings.

We need help if we are to reach the goal of training all people on this planet to be clairvoyant. Our project for the future, then, is to train the existing ninety percent of humanity who use only the left brain hemisphere to think with so that they will also use the right brain hemisphere.

We also need to train all parents and parents-to-be so that once they become clairvoyant they will train their own children. This way we will not need to continue to teach all newcomers to this planet. Parents will do it themselves.

Once we train all humanity to be clairvoyant, there will be no more sickness, and no more problems of any kind, because clairvoyants can develop into prophets and wisemen, into geniuses capable of solving all kinds of problems.

Then and only then will we change from hurting and killing each other, but instead will help each other so that all of us together can convert this planet into a paradise.

Then and only then will we understand that to function correctly on this planet we must do everything that is good, and that means to supervise the evolving process of creation, caring for the Creator’s creation and his creatures.

Then and only then will we understand that we should not get involved in doing what is wrong, and that is that we should not hurt the Creator’s creation because that would be the real sin.

Clairvoyance in every field

  • Take medicine for instance. Clairvoyants doctors of the future will be skilled in hypnoanalaysis as well as in Holistic Faith Healing and conventional medicine to better help people who come for aid. Diagnosis will be swifter and more sure as we use human minds and human intelligence in a clairvoyant manner, as well as continuing to use the conventional diagnostic instruments available today. Healing will take only a fraction of the time because both healers and patients will understand the value of clairvoyance in the holistic healing process.
  • In business, there will be far more executives who will be able to use clairvoyance to make accurate business decisions by determining ahead of time the needs of the public. Executives will be healthier, and thus more valuable to their companies, because they will use their clairvoyant level to maintain their own good health by relieving stress and relaxing.
  • Clairvoyant psychiatrists can project into their patients’ dreams or hallucinations for better analysis of the problem to determine if they are dealing with a purely psychological problem or a biological problem such as an imbalance of the brain chemistry or a brain tumor. The psychiatrist can also use clairvoyance to mentally age regress the patient without the patient being present, and thus find the root of the problem.
  • Government leaders of all nations will project into the future mentally to detect the needs of their people and be prepared when those needs arise. Government leaders, using their clairvoyance, can sense whether the people they are dealing with are sincere, and also sense what future plans others have. At this time, wars between nations will cease because the element of surprise will be nil.
  • Law enforcement agencies will use their mental abilities to help them capture criminals and virtually put crime to an end. On the other side of the issue, people with criminal tendencies will be identified and taught to function in a superior manner that makes it unnecessary to engage in criminal activity to achieve what they desire.
  • There will be an abundance of natural resources in the world of tomorrow because petroleum engineers and geologists will use clairvoyance to dowse for minerals… without using a divining rod. They will learn to detect oil and other minerals underground, the depth, quantity and quality, and will reduce the number of misses or dry holes.
  • Archeologist, meteorologists, metallurgists, and others will use clairvoyance in their specialties to gather more information that will help them improve the quality of their work.
  • Astronomers will find they can use their clairvoyant mind to explore the universe much more economically than launching spacecraft. The same can be said for the human who at some time or other must travel from one inhabited planet to another, and who leaves the body behind and acquires a new body more suited for that environment. The clairvoyant astronomer may also find other civilizations that reside at other dimensions on this and other planets and satellites, civilizations that cannot be detected with our limited objective senses. because these civilizations can exist at other channeled frequencies that require a different set of sensing faculties.
  • Industrialists will be able to use clairvoyance to better determine what to manufacture for future consumption.
  • Stock market specialists and investors can use clairvoyance to mentally project into the future and sense the future needs of the population so as to make the correct choice of stocks that will have the greatest demand.
  • Financiers can use clairvoyance to make the best decisions on what projects to invest in. Through their clairvoyance, they can determine which potential projects will provide the greatest service to humanity and thus help make this world a better place to live while earning enough money for their own needs in the process.
  • Pilots and operators of all types of vehicles will use clairvoyance to free themselves from accidents. When people function at their clairvoyant level, not only do they strengthen their immune system, they also strengthens their intuitive factor, which is a function of the right brain hemisphere. A person with a very strong intuitive factor will subconsciously move, function or act in a timely way to escape dangers. Consequently, I say People who are not clairvoyant have no business operating vehicles, endangering their own lives and the lives of others.
  • Ranchers and farmers, who are responsible for providing the food for human survival, will use clairvoyance to select proper breeds and proper seeds to use. In other words, they will be better able to select the best of everything used in the production of food for the human race on this planet.