Video lesson: Jose Silva explains the role of the mind in health

Why correct values are so important to your health

In this video,  Jose Silva explains what his scientific research revealed about the way our values and our thinking affects our health.

You have the ability to heal yourself. Your body knows how to correct health problems:

It can correct illness, repair injury, recover from hard workouts, and accelerate the process of getting into shape.

If you cut your finger, your body knows what to do to cause the cells to grow back together again.

Your body has resources to fight most illnesses.

You’ve surely known people who can get into shape faster than most people. There are people who seldom get sick and when they do they recover quickly.

This is possible because they have access to their body’s resources, and can speed up the normal functions.

We are not advocating that you try to do it all on your own. Quite the contrary: You should always work under a doctor’s supervision.

Jose Silva used to say that doctors don’t cure, medicines don’t heal. But they create an environment where healing can take place.

His long time friend and consultant Dr. J.W. Hahn used to say that “doctors can keep you alive long enough so that your body has time to heal itself.”

How can you gain access to your body’s natural healing systems where you can accelerate healing, and help keep your body in top condition?

You learn by practicing the Silva Centering Exercise.

Practice for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, once, twice, or three times a day.

You can enter deeper levels of mind by practicing the countdown deepening exercises once or twice a day.

Once at your level, count downwards from 25 to 1, or from 50 to 1, or from 100 to 1. When you reach the count of 1 you will have reached a deeper, healthier level of mind.

The psychosomatic effect can be a positive, constructive, healthy one.

by Jose Silva

For health, we know that accelerated healing, especially of the psychosomatic health problems, can be done by converting the polarity of the psychosomatic health problems to be a positive, constructive, creative, thing instead of a negative detrimental thing.

We can do that because we now know how to use the mind to stop the traumatic function of the subjective senses, and we can train those senses to help the natural healing process of the body.

By stopping them from interfering – that in itself has already accelerated healing.

In addition to that, when we use visualization and imagination at the alpha level, we are training the senses to aid the body in correcting its health problem.

So for the first time we can say that the psychosomatic effect is a healthy one, or can be made a healthy one.

The mind helps the body heal itself.

Help for health problems

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More techniques for dealing with health problems

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