Video: How to Program Water for Healing

Glass of Water for Medication

Get a water glass and fill it with water. When working on a health problem, add 3 drops of lemon juice to the water.

While holding the glass of water, find a comfortable sitting position, close your eyes, and enter your level with the 3 to 1 method.

Hold the glass of water with your fingertips. Your fingers should not be touching each other, but should be spread up and down the height of the glass of water.

The finger tips of your left hand will be close to the finger tips of your right hand, but will not be touching the fingertips of your right hand. The thumb of your left hand will be on the opposite side of the glass from your finger tips; it will be close to your right thumb, but will not be touching it.

Program the water to correct a health problem by using the Three Scenes Technique.

  1. In the first scene, directly in front of you, visualize the subject with the health problem.
  2. In the second scene, approximately 15 degrees to the left of the first scene, mentally picture the person drinking the water and imagine the person drinking the water, and the problem being corrected as a result.
  3. In the third scene, which is 15 degrees to the left of the second scene, imagine the person in perfect health.
Image of the 3-Scenes Technique

Research projects with Programmed Water

Click here to read a report on an amazing research project involving Programmed Water.

Two research projects that you can do so you can see for yourself the healing power that you have in your hands: The Tomato Experiment, and The Persimmon Experiment.


When working on health problems, you should always seek competent medical advice and work under a doctor’s supervision. We are not doctors. Holistic faith healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine; holistic faith healing techniques can be used to help your doctor heal your body.

Help for health problems

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