Video: Cleve Backster on what his Primary Perception revealed about how our thoughts affect our cells

Influencing human cells

Here is a transcript of what researcher Cleve Backster had to say at a Silva convention in 1995, about his work with human cells:

These white cells are so instrumental in the immune system that they are very important.
The work that we’ve done in hundreds of hours of testing of the white cells is just absolutely fascinating.

There’s no doubt about it that your thoughts can permeate every cell of your body, without going through any of the conventional communications systems.

In other words, if your thoughts, when your cells are separated from your body and being tested, under glass or in vitro, if they can react to your emotions when you are separated from them, you know in your body that they are going to react to emotional changes, particularly the negative emotions.

The problem is, nothing is quite as disruptive as negative thinking. We use negative thinking to see these reactions when they do occur.

The positive stuff you don’t see. It shows a free flowing changes on the chart.

But the negative stuff, right away you these bursts of electrical activity from the cells that have been separated from the donor.

So it means that when you are thinking negative thoughts, you are not doing yourself any favor. This would certainly bear that out.

The Silva training, all the way through, is always talking about the quality of your thoughts, the positive thinking, better and better. This is so important. And it does have a scientific basis…there is no doubt about it whatsoever.

The next slide is an example of the first time when I got the technology of how to collect these cells – these are my own white cells that I’d collected, and I’d bought myself a centrifuge and whatever I needed to do this work.
Here I was going through a shelf and looking for some little sterile lancets. I wanted to cut my hand just a little bit with these sterile lancets and put some iodine in there because I’d always been able to get good reactions with plants when I did that.

Here is the thought of doing this. While I was looking on the shelf for the lancets, it caused this reaction here. Not when I did it, because the cells were prepared; it wasn’t spontaneous. It was spontaneous as I thought about doing this and was looking for these lancets on the shelf.

You can see the size: these are not subtle reactions, these are huge reactions.

So this was my first experience with the white cells, and it started in a whole bunch of white cell testing that grew to be very important.

You can read all about Cleve Backster’s more than thirty years of research in the book that he did with Dr. Robert B. Stone: The Secret Life of Your Cells (Whitford Press, 1989). The author, Bob Stone, was another good friend – a Silva Instructor for twenty years, and coauthor of several books with Jose Silva including the excellent You the Healer (H.J. Kramer Publishing, 1992).

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