The MentalVideo: What it is and how to use it

MentalVideo: What it is and how to use it. Approximately 50 minutes.

03:31 Dealing with Unintended Consequences of your programming

12:50 We were sent here for a purpose

15:42 MentalVideo formula

16:09 Terminology: See, Visualize, Imagine

20:08 Correcting problems

24:14 Delta Doorway

31:07 Our mission

32:44 Laws of Programming

41:17 Higher Intelligence

MentalVideo Technique

Whenever you need to solve a problem with the MentalVideo Technique, proceed as follows:

  1. At beta, the outer-conscious level, analyze your problem. Make a good study of the problem. Imagine that you have a video camera and that you are making a video recording of the problem. Make sure that your video explains the details of the problem.
  2. Later, when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep, enter level one with the 3-to-1 method. (See page 41.)
  3. Once you are at your level, review the MentalVideo that you created of the problem when you were at the beta level.
  4. After you have reviewed the problem, mentally convert the problem into a project. Then create with imagination a MentalVideo of the solution. The MentalVideo of the solution should contain a step-by-step procedure of how you desire the project to be resolved, and what you expect to happen.
  5. After both of the MentalVideos have been completed, go to sleep with the intention of delivering the MentalVideos to your tutor while you sleep. Take for granted that delivery will be made.
  6. During the next three days, look for indications that point to the solution. Every time you think of the project, think of the solution that you have created in the MentalVideo in a past-tense sense.

Your videos should include everything that has life. We can only influence life. And we definitely can influence life: humans, animals, plants, and so forth. Researcher Cleve Backster has demonstrated that plants—and even your own white blood cells—can perceive our thoughts and emotions, even at great distances. You can read about this research in Chapter 8.

In your second video, include all of the people who will benefit. The more people who will benefit, the more help you will get from the other side. At least two or more people should benefit. The solution should improve conditions on planet earth.

Laws of Programming

The following Laws of Programming are to be considered:

  • Do to others only what you like others to do to you
  • The solution must help to make this planet a better place to live
  • The solution must be the best for everybody concerned
  • The solution must help at least two or more persons
  • The solution must be within the possibility area

Success Tips:

When you use the MentalVideo Technique, do it with the expectation that while you are in delta sleep, the videos will be delivered into the proper hands—the correct intelligence, your tutor—on the other side, to help in the preparation of the solution.

The more that your tutors in the spiritual dimension know about conditions and what is being done to improve them, the better able they will be to arrange things so that we get the help that we need. That is why it is important that as many people as possible are using the MentalVideo Technique every night. Remember, after you review your MentalVideos, remain at alpha and go to sleep from there, with the intention of delivering them to the other side while you are in delta sleep.