Review of Holistic Faith Healing

Use the psychosomatic effect to keep you well

by Jose Silva

The undisciplined mind can make you sick.

It is generally agreed in the medical profession that as much as 90 percent of health problems, or even more, are psychosomatic.

Psychosomatic means that the mind (the psyche) wrongly influences the body (the soma), causing a health problem.

It all starts with fear. Fear is always interpreted by the body as a threat to life. Worrying about anything is a form of fear.

Fear causes the autonomic nervous system to prepare the body for fight of flight. There is wear and tear on the body adjusting to the fight or flight condition.

Wear and tear causes stress, and stress weakens the body’s immune system. It is then that health problems begin.

Neutralize tension, stress, and fear

In order to correct this condition, we must learn to place our mind in neutral. When the mind is in neutral, it frees the immune system to do its job, and that is to keep the body healthy by normalizing the abnormal.

Doctors and medicines to not heal; they help the body to heal itself.

For some health problems, the mind needs to be placed in neutral once a day for 15 minutes.

For other health problems, the mind needs to be placed in neutral two or even three times a day, for 15 minutes each time.

Help your doctor heal your body

Learning to place your mind in neutral helps your doctor accelerate the healing process.

When worry triggers the “fight or flight” response, this activates the body’s survival mechanism, causing stress, which in turn causes wear and tear on the body, and the wear and tear causes even more stress.

The autonomic nervous system (a body’s survival mechanism) is composed of: the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates the function of glands, organs, and organ systems; and the parasympathetic nervous system, which decelerates the function of glands, organs, and organ systems.

The autonomic nervous system should function according to body needs, but false fear sends false signals and can cause a gland, organ, or organ system to overwork. This results in stress weakening the immune system, and eventually results in a gland, organ, or organ system breakdown. This causes more stress, and the cycle continues getting worse and worse.

In lay terms, when worry or fear activates the fight or flight response, your heart beats faster, your muscles get tense, and your whole system starts working overtime.

You cannot worry at the Alpha level

When you put your mind in neutral at alpha, you cannot worry. This allows your parasympathetic nervous system to decelerate the function of your glads, organs, and organ systems, and function only according to the body’s real needs.

Some people develop a habit of wrong thinking that eventually develops into what is called a disease.

A chronic health condition can be the cause of a fixed pattern of thinking, holding onto false concepts. This condition causes the glands to deposit into the circulatory system the chemicals that cause the health problem.

When the mind does not interfere with the functioning of the human body, the body knows naturally how to heal itself.

You will accelerate the healing process when you are able to place your mind in neutral from time to time and combine this with any medication that your doctor has prescribed for you.

A Healer in every home

Jose Silva was an outstanding holistic faith healer, as well as the leading researcher in the field of ESP. Many people in his home town of Laredo, Texas, sought his services. Eventually he realized that far more people needed help than he was able to help personally. So he applied his research skills to develop a system that anybody can learn to use.

“I realized that I couldn’t personally help everybody who needs help,” he said. “I also realized that if I could train enough people to perform holistic faith healing so that he could have a healer in every home, then in that way I would be helping everybody.”

He went on to train and certify thousands of holistic faith healers prior to his passing in 1999. And now we are carrying on his mission with this Home Study Course he asked us to produce shortly before his passing so that everyone can now learn the techniques.

Contents of this lesson

  1. Holistic Faith Healing
  2. Jose Silva’s research
  3. Alpha brain waves
  4. A healing technique for everyone
  5. Correct attitude for healing
  6. Value of the alpha frequency
  7. Transmitting Energy
  8. Using the alpha sound
  9. Secret life of plants
  10. Alpha with eyes open
  11. Stimulating the body’s healing mechanism
  12. Preparing the body for healing
  13. Healing energy
  14. Programmed water
  15. Prayer healing
  16. Using the Holistic Faith Healing System
  17. An example


When working on health problems, you should always seek competent medical advice and work under a doctor’s supervision. We are not doctors. Holistic faith healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine; holistic faith healing techniques can be used to help your doctor heal your body.

Sometimes your doctor can keep you alive long enough for it to heal. Your doctor can also create a a more receptive environment for healing to take place.

Help for health problems

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