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Learn how to identify tension, stop it, and: Relax, It’s Good for You

There are many benefits to relaxation. Stress can harm you in many ways: Stress can:

  • Hurt your health.
  • Ruin your relationships.
  • It can curtail your ability to concentrate and learn.
  • Lower your productivity, creativity, problem solving ability, and undermine your self-confidence and happiness.

Relaxing at the alpha level for 15 minutes can:

  • Strengthen your immune mechanism and keep you healthier.
  • It will normalize everything in your body. And by so doing…
  • Slow the aging process.
  • It will also help you make better decisions, and correct more problems.
  • And it will help you feel better, and enjoy life more.

How do you identify tension and stress?

  • Some people feel it in their bodies: a knot in the stomach, tightness and soreness in the muscles.
  • Other people get headaches – tension headaches.
  • Some people feel depressed. Sometimes it is a feeling of fear, a sense of dread.

What causes stress in your life?

  • For many people, it’s money. Not having enough. Or having too much.
  • Often it is people: your husband or wife, your children, your parents, your employer, or your employees, or neighbors, or… You get the idea.
  • Often, deadlines cause stress. People have too many things to do, and too little time to do them.

How do you relieve stress?

Still, it is important to take time to relax. What do you do to relax, to get rid of the energy that is built up by stress and tension?

  • Physical exercise is used by many people.
  • Hobbies work well for many. One man I know relaxes in his garden. If someone has given him a hard time, he thinks of them while he is pulling weeds. “So if you suddenly get the feeling you are being uprooted,” he says, “maybe it’s because of something you did to me…”
  • Some people relax by listening to music. Or taking a hot bath, or spending time in a hot tub. Reading is another popular way of relaxing.

Why do we have stress?

Much of the tension and stress in our lives is caused by fear of the unknown, by fear of change.

This is a natural biological defense mechanism that we have been perfecting for thousands of years.

Imagine out ancestors in pre-historic times, trying to survive in the jungle. They hear a rustling in the bushes; it could be a small animal that they could eat, and enhance their chances for survival; or it could be a large animal who want to eat them. Either way, they need a burst of energy.

We no longer live in the jungle, but we still have those physiological reactions.

Learn to relieve the cause of stress

If you will relax, deep relaxation, for 15 minutes, you will dissipate much of the energy that you have accumulated during the day. And at the alpha level, you can take steps to correct whatever is causing the problems. You can program to improve your financial situation; you can program to improve your relationships with other people, and much more.

The key is, you have to let go and relax. It you are not used to relaxing, it may take a little practice.

When you practice the Silva Centering Exercise, you must let yourself go. Do not hold anything back. Get totally involved, follow the instructions, and allow yourself to relax completely, physically and mentally.

Do this, and I guarantee that you will end up on top. Your life will improve in every way.

For more tips on dealing with tension and stress you can download the book Relax, It’s Good for You. To locate it, click the Downloads link on your Account page.

Relax It's Good for You book front cover

Many benefits

There are many more benefits to practicing the Silva Centering Exercise.

You will find real power at deep levels of mind.

When you enter deep levels of mind, you begin to ventilate the impediments that are stored there. You begin to neutralize them.

What you actually learn to do is to convert the so-called “sub-conscious” level to what José Silva calls an “inner-conscious” level. You can begin to use the sub-conscious, consciously.

When you saturate all levels with the Beneficial Statements that we use in the conditioning cycles, then you neutralize the negative information stored at those deep levels.

Imagine the benefits when you go to very deep levels and mentally repeat statements like:

  • Every day in every way I’m getting better, better and better.
  • My increasing mental faculties are for serving humanity better.
  • Positive thoughts brings me benefits and advantages I desire.
  • And what about the final statement, that “You will continue to strive to take part in constructive and creative activities… and how you have greater understanding, compassion, and patience, with others.

Imagine how people will respond to you when you have saturated yourself at all levels with thoughts like those.

You can change your life for the better

You can also take an active role in changing the stored information. You can install new information, new programs that will direct you towards success in your life.

You can use the 3 Scenes Technique, from the UltraMind ESP System. You can learn how to correct problems from the past, how you can get rid of irrational fears, of old guilt, of doubt. You will learn how to program yourself for greater success in your life today and in the future.

It all begins by preparing a proper foundation: Learning to enter deep, healthy levels of mind, with conscious awareness.

You will learn to activate your mind, to begin to analyze information, and correct problems, at your level.

For now, you want to establish your level. You want to learn to enter deep levels, with conscious awareness.

Just follow the instructions on the next page and you will succeed.

The Silva Centering Exercise in the next session lasts about 30 minutes. Listen to it ahead of time if you like, so that you know everything that’s included on it.

Then when you have half a hour when you will not be disturbed, use the recording to guide you to the alpha level.


When working on health problems, you should always seek competent medical advice and work under a doctor’s supervision. We are not doctors. Holistic faith healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine; holistic faith healing techniques can be used to help your doctor heal your body.

Sometimes your doctor can keep you alive long enough for it to heal. Your doctor can also create a a more receptive environment for healing to take place.

Help for health problems

If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva UltraMind or Basic Lecture Series graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit: HealthCases.com