Meet Jose Silva

Jose Silva explains his System – Approximately 23 minutes.
02:19 How to improve Guessing Faculty
03:22 Worked with EEG
03:57 EEG – Successful people function at 10 cycles per second (cps)
05:23 How to lower brain frequency
06:16 Everybody wanted the deepest level, but you cannot do any work there
08:16 How to slow the brain frequency
09:11 Cycles of human development
11:57 90 percent function at 20 cps
12:33 Slow to 10 cps
13:05 Psyche-orientation
13:38 Subconscious to Inner Conscious
15:29 Correct way to function
16:19 Brain hemispheres
17:18 Strongest frequency
19:37 Why we developed our System
21:01 How to slow brainwaves

How your brain works

Jose Silva explains more about brain-mind functioning in these 2 videos.