Alpha Uni-Mold: A Healing Hotline 

A very special “healing hotline” for Silva graduates

Silva Graduates sometimes desire help through a “healing hot line” so that their programming efforts will be reinforced by the programming of other Members.

The Alpha Uni-Mold is just such a “hot line” technique.

It is a technique that you can use at any time, on your own, and you can be certain that other Members will reinforce your programming.

While you can use the Alpha Uni-Mold at any time, there is a specific time that you can apply it and know that other Members are programming at the same time.

When to program

To make it simple, many Silva graduates enter their level (10 cycles at alpha) at 10 o’clock at night local time and use the Alpha Uni-Mold.

Many graduates here in Laredo, as well as throughout the world, now enter level at 10 p.m. their local time, and energize the Alpha Uni-Mold.

Marcelino Alcala, long time Silva instructor and director in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is the one who came up with the idea of 10 cycles alpha at 10 p.m.

If Silva graduates all around the globe do this, then any hour of the day or night you can tap into this powerful spiritual healing network and get help for yourself and your loved ones who are ill or injured and need physical healing.

The Alpha Uni-Mold concept uses the principle of the soul mold, and elements of the concept of communicating with higher intelligence at the center of the galaxy.

How it works

To use the Alpha Uni-Mold to correct any health problem that needs correcting, enter the alpha level and visualize a mold on your mental screen.

This mold, like the entrance to a tunnel, looks like a silhouette in the shape of a perfect adult human body. This mold is deep enough so that we can place in it all of the people who need help.

Imagine each subject you desire to help backing into the Alpha Uni-Mold. Imagine each person to be just the right size to fit into the mold.

To help all of the subjects in the Alpha Uni-Mold, those placed there by others as well as those placed there by you, imagine a beam of white light, tinged with blue, coming from the center of your forehead into the mold.

You can imaging that this healing light comes to you from the center of the galaxy and flows through you as you direct it to different parts of the mold.

Use this beam of bluish-white light to energize the mold form head to feet:

  • Energize the brain, the right and left hemispheres, all of the brain. Project this healing energy to the entire head area.
  • Imagine the energy going all the way through the mold, energizing the brains and heads of everybody in the mold.
  • Move on down the body, energizing the entire body: All of the organs in the chest area: the heart, lungs, thymus gland. Energize the stomach, the intestinal tract; the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, kidneys.
  • Energize the entire skeletal system, the entire nervous system, the entire circulatory system.
    When you have does this, then be sure to imagine each subject in perfect health.
  • While you are projecting in this manner, keep in mind that this is correcting the cause of the problem.
Silhouette of adult human being

Use feedback

When you enter your level again later, check on your subject to make sure that the corrections that you made in the subjective dimension are still there. If so, then reinforce the image of a perfect body as you energize the Alpha Uni-Mold.

If you sense any regression of the subjective corrections in your subject, then take whatever steps you feel are necessary to correct the situation, and proceed with the Alpha Uni-Mold.

You can use feedback in the objective dimension to guide you in your programming.

Our subjective work is always followed by objective verification. When you work health cases, you detect information subjectively and then verify your accuracy objectively.

Do the same whenever you are programming for anything, including healing.

Whenever there is any improvement in your subject, even a very slight improvement, then enter your level and analyze what you did, so that you can do more of it.

If the subject regresses, then enter your level and analyze what you did, and modify your programming.

By continuing to use objective feedback in this manner, you will quickly determine what kind of programming works best, so that you can do more of it and correct the problem as quickly as possible.

Remember to continue to work with competent medical professionals and do whatever is required in the objective dimension.

  • The body can heal itself, but it sometimes needs the help of physical medicine to create an environment where the healing can take place.
  • Sometimes we need doctors to keep us alive along enough for the body to heal itself.

Many “miraculous” healings have taken place using the Alpha Uni-Mold technique. Use it whenever necessary.

Help for health problems

If you have a health problem and would like for Silva graduates worldwide will work on it, or if you are a Silva UltraMind or Basic Lecture Series graduate who wants to work health cases, please visit: