Alpha Break conditioning cycle

Take an Alpha Break instead of a coffee break

In this exercise you will create your own space station, according to your specifications, somewhere in space.

It is a luxurious environment, and you can view the earth and the farthest reaches of space from a control station.

While here, your body is so relaxed that it is as though you are only aware of your mind, existing in an effortless environment, in tune with the universe.

Energized and relaxed

You can sense your physical body getting fully regenerated with energy for your eventual return to earth. Every second, every minute, and every hour that you are here, your body is absorbing and accumulating more life energy, giving you far more energy reserves for engaging fully in life on earth.

Your mind is operating in a very relaxed and tranquil state. Operating as a mind normally does in its normal and free state, free from any programming errors.

On the return to earth, your mind and body will feel fully refreshed and full of life energy, ready to tackle any problems with plenty of reserve energy and tranquility of mind.

No limitations in your space station

In this state, your mind is free to shift to any level, any dimension, to deal with any problem, solve any problem, or to concentrate on any goal, with a power of a focused and tranquil mind, unrestricted by any physical or mental barriers.

The focused and tranquil mind overcomes physical, external, and outer level obstacles that restrict movement towards accomplishment of a goal in the physical world.

Creative mind

The focused and tranquil mind overcomes preconceived or routine ways of thinking that restrict or encumber creative thought or creative thought processes.

The focused and tranquil mind is creative because it is free to draw upon resources from all dimensions.

At this level, all thoughts or ideas are considered and examined, no matter how incongruent they may seem with the ordinary or conventional way of thinking.

Without restricting barriers or impediments, mind can reach out and grow.

This conditioning is a little over 16 minutes

Note: This Lesson is from the Silva UltraMind Self-Management Course.