3-Scenes Explanation and Conditioning Cycle

Image of the 3-Scenes Technique

When you need to use the 3 Scenes Technique to correct a health problem or any other problem, go to your center with the 3 to 1 method. Create and project onto your mental screen, directly in front of you, using visualization, an image of the existing situation.

Recall details of what the situation looks like in this first scene. Make a good study of the existing situation so you are completely aware of all aspects of it.

If you have programmed for this project previously, then take into account any changes that have taken place since your most recent programming session.

After making a good study of the existing situation, then shift your awareness to your left, approximately 15 degrees. In a second scene, to the left of the first scene, use imagination to mentally picture yourself taking action and doing something to implement your decisions, and to follow the guidance you have received, and imagine the desired changes beginning to take place.

Now in the third scene, another 15 degrees farther to your left, use your imagination to create and project an image of the situation the way you desire for it to end up. Imagine many people benefiting. The more people who benefit, the better.

Anytime in the future when you think of this project, visualize (recall) the image that you created of the desired end result in the third scene.


Here is how to apply it to yourself when you have a health problem and are working to correct it:

First, enter the alpha level. Relax and deepen yourself as necessary. Then use the Three Scenes Technique.

In the first scene, directly in front of you, visualize yourself and your health problem.

Then in a second scene to the left of the first scene, visualize the treatment that is being applied to correct the problem.

Then in a third scene, to the left of the second scene, imagine yourself in perfect health.

Take long enough with the first scene to get a good mental picture of the problem.

Spend most of your time on the second scene.

In the third scene, farthest to your left, take enough time to get a good mental picture of yourself perfectly health, able to do all of the things that a healthy person can do.

In the future, when you reinforce this programming, begin with the second scene, then the third scene.

When there has been noticeable improvement, then when you enter your level to reinforce this technique, start with the first scene, and in the first scene, incorporate the improvement that you have noticed. After that, use only the second and third scenes until there has been noticeable improvement again.

Help for health problems

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