15-minute Theta Session

Do whatever you want to do during your time at your center

For maximum benefit, Jose Silva recommends entering level for 15 minutes, three times a day.

Spending 15 minutes at the alpha level strengthens your immune mechanism and helps to keep you healthy.

Some people like to go to even lower frequencies sometimes, and do their deep relaxation at the theta brainwave level.

To help, Jose Silva recommended two unique audio recordings.

On both recordings, Ed Bernd Jr. guides you to level with the standard 3 to 1 method, followed by a 10 to 1 deepening countdown. Then the alpha sound or the theta sound (depending on which recording) is heard for 15 minutes, to help you remain at that level.

These recordings do not include instructions on how to find your level, so if you are new to Silva, you need to first practice the Silva Centering Exercise.

To learn more about the Alpha Sound visit the page with the 15 minute Alphpa Sound recording

You can learn more about the Theta Sound and what it is useful for on the page with the 15-minute Theta Sound recording.