How to Get A Job

We got a very timely question the other day.

A lady named Carla, who is studying the Free Introductory Lessons, wanted to know “the best way to ask higher intelligence what I should be doing for work right now.”

Before we begin…

Yes, it is a long article.

Just remember that nobody else can use your mind for you.

If you want results, you need to take a few minutes to learn the correct formula to apply, and how to apply the formula correctly.

Then you will be able to use it for the rest of your life.

Carla’s request

“Can you please clarify for me the best way to ask higher intelligence what I should be doing for work right now?

“I have been feeling stifled and stuck due to COVID, but I know there’s an answer – I just need to get to it so I can take action right away.

“Do I simply enter my alpha level and ask the question, or should I be using a specific method for that type of communication?”

Get a job

Yes, we have done it ourselves, and we have helped others to also use their Genius Mind to help them get a job.

The way you asked the question was perfect – how to ask higher intelligence what work you should be doing right now.

A 3-step solution

Here is what I recommend:

1st Step:

Enter your level and do some deepening. You can do some physical and mental relaxation, some countdowns, recall some of the Beneficial Statements, etc. Anything to help you relax.

You will be functioning at your Center – the 10 cycles per second Alpha brainwave frequency. That is the center of the normal brain frequency range (up to 20 cycles per second when we are using our eyesight and taking physical action).

It is also the mid-brain area, the center of the brain itself.

Why is Alpha valuable?

For one thing, it puts you closer to the information and memories that can help you.

It is also the strongest and most stable part of the brain.

Mr. Silva’s knowledge of electronics told him that the strongest electrical circuit is the one with the lowest impedance.

In the brain, that means the part of the brain with the fewest impediments to our ability to think and analyze information and come up with solutions to difficult problems.

More information at Alpha

He proved his theory:

He would bring children into the laboratory and connect them to an electroencephalograph (EEG) and ask them questions. He might ask them how many ways they could think of to clean a car.

While at the 20 cycles beta level, they would have several ideas: Wash it, wax it, clean the chrome.

Then he would take them to the 10 cycles alpha level and ask them again. They would come up with more ideas: Vacuum the inside, clean the tires and the windshield, etc.

While you are at the alpha level, think about the kind of thing you can do that are helpful and useful. Even small things

Small things lead to big success

Jose Silva started by shining shoes when he was 6 years old and he needed to earn money to help support the family.

He was always thinking about what else he could do that would be helpful, so he asked his uncle what those big sheets of paper were that people were looking at while he shined their shoes.

His uncle told him those big sheets of paper were newspaper, and told him where to get them so that he could also sell newspapers to his shoeshine customers.

He came up with many ideas that way and you can do.

At your Center – the 10 cycles frequency – the mid-brain area – you will be closer to memories of things you might have done before that people appreciated. This can give you ideas to work with. You never know what might lead to something great. That’s how I would up here.

2nd Step: Take action

Mental work is only part of the process. Physical action is also required.

Do some research online. I am sure that if you search for something like: ideas to make money during the pandemic, you should find plenty of ides. (Yep, I just checked… lots of ideas online).

Anything that sounds like something you might do well, go to your level and check it out. Perhaps you will recall having done that kind of work before – for pay, for free, for fun.

A personal case study

When I was “terminated” from my newspaper career (that’s the only work I’d done my whole life) I didn’t know what was going to happen.

I knew I could earn a little money by producing a printed program for the local speedway. “Quick printing” was new in 1975 and that was perfect for me: I got the program printed at Kopy Kat Printing.

The owner, Georgia Shane, asked if I’d like to do some layout work for her in exchange for the printing. That led to a job that lasted three and a half years.

During that time I was told by a couple of my best friends that I had to take the Silva Mind Control course.

Then my Silva instructor insisted that I should learn to teach the course (which I was totally unqualified for, in my humble opinion).

“Coincidences” guided me

My job at Kopy Kat printing provided both the time and the money to do it.

If I had still been working as the Melbourne, Florida, bureau chief for the Orlando Sentinel that never would have happened.

So you never know where an idea might lead until you take action on it… in the physical world.

3rd Step: Now you qualify to ask for help

Now that you have done your due diligence, it is time to ask higher intelligence what you should be doing with your life.

Review the MentalVideo formula, and follow it exactly.

At beta, with your eyes open, use visualization and imagination to create a Mental Video of the problem.

I think of it like the evening news report on local television.

They only have a very short time to do their report. And that is all it takes:

A few seconds to “picture” the problem, then some quick “camera shots” of the efforts you are making – the research you are doing – people you are talking to, etc.

Then when you are ready to go to sleep, enter your level and review the problem video. Then create a solution video.

Picture yourself getting an opportunity and taking advantage of it. The more information you can provide to higher intelligence, the better able they will be to help you.

Obey the Laws of Programming

Keep the Laws of Programming in mind, and that you are looking for “constructive and creative” work that at least 2 or more people will benefit from, something that will be the best for everybody concerned, etc. Picture many people benefiting.

I have also found it best to concentrate on what I can do now – to strive for what is within my personal “possibility area,” and let higher intelligence guide me. The future often turns out a lot different than I expected.

My friends who told me about Silva Mind Control also told me that I should be working at Silva headquarters, doing public relations.

I didn’t take it seriously, that idea seemed too far fetched.

But now that I look back – it seems inevitable that I would wind up working here. And loving it.

Keep it simple

Your videos can be short – shorter than what I am writing here.

The universal form of communication if visual, that is why we use a “MentalVideo.”

Then do any other programming you need to do, and go to sleep like you normally do.

Look for indications

Then allow 3 days for “indications” of how to proceed.

The “indications” are physical – often what we think of as “coincidences.”

Somebody might say something, or you might hear a song that give you an idea. You might read something, or see something.

Maybe an idea will come to you. If that happens, take action on it and “see” what happens.

How to tell fact from fiction

Our thoughts and ideas could be our own fantasies, our hopes, our fears. Actions in the physical world are a much more reliable way to determine if we are getting guidance from higher intelligence.

You might get your indication when you wake up in the morning. Or later in the day. Or the second day, or the third day.

Ask for a “clear” indication

If you don’t recognize any indications by then, ask again. Make a MentalVideo that indicates you didn’t see any indications, and ask for a “clear” indication of what to do.

If this sounds like a lot to think about, then “sleep on it” and read it over again tomorrow.

Things often make a lot more sense to me after I “sleep on them.” It gives the brain time to organize the material, so that you will understand it better.

The next step is up to you

Let me know any questions you have. And I am looking forward to a good success story from you.

Ed Bernd Jr.

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