How problems help us

Problems Can Serve a Purpose In Life

Have you been looking for a method of eliminating all of the problems in your life? Would you like to get rid of every disagreeable, negative situation you might encounter?

Before you answer yes, let me remind you that we are not here on earth for a vacation. We are not here on a long coffee break.

We are here to correct problems. If problems are negative, then goals are positive, and the combination gives us energy.

When dealing with energy, you have both positive and negative.

The battery in your automobile has a positive side and a negative side.

In the early days, many people thought that current (energy) flowed from positive to negative, that negative was lower in something.

But just the opposite is true: the negative terminal has an excess of electrons, the negative particles, while the positive terminal has a deficiency of electrons and is out of balance because it has an excess of protons.

It is the attempt to bring about a balance that causes the current of electrons to flow from negative to positive through the circuit.

Likewise in our lives, we have both positive and negative.

A lack of health or a lack of money could be considered a negative situation.

It is such negative situations that give us the motivation, the incentive, to strive to correct problems.

The negative in our lives pushes us towards balance, towards solutions and the creation of new things that benefit us in many ways takes place.

Your goal is like the positive terminal on the battery, while the problem, or the situation you wish to alter, is like the negative terminal. The goal attracts, while the problem pushes you onward.

We are here on planet earth working with human energy, moving from the negative to the positive. While we do not desire to have the negative things in our lives, we should not despise them. We should be grateful for them because they motivate us towards our good.

We must have both to propel us to seek something better.

Challenges are there for a reason, perhaps to help us learn and develop our skills and grow so that we can accept greater responsibility later on and take better care of our planet.

Here's How You Can Overcome Obstacles

People sometimes want to know how to keep working towards a goal when faced with many obstacles. That's something I've had a lot of experience with.

It takes persistence. You can achieve any kind of goal you set for yourself if you make it the most important thing in your life and sacrifice everything else for it.

There are people who do that, but I would not necessarily call that success. You have to learn when to continue fighting for your goal with everything you've got, and when to stand back, take a deep breath, and see if there is another path that will get you to your desired end results.

How can you learn to determine when you should stand and fight, and when you should seek another path?

There were times when I decided to stop my research because of obstacles I was facing.

But I was guided to continue.

Once I dreamed of numbers, and purchased a lottery ticket with those numbers. The ticket paid $10,000. Adjusted for inflation it would be about $130,000 in 2022.

Another time, as I sat reflecting on my decision to stop my research, my son brought me a picture he had found in the street - a picture of Christ.

As you know, I continued my research.

Enter your level, seek guidance from High Intelligence, and you will be guided as to what to do to reach your life goals.

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