Some of my guides and teachers during research

Guided to a lottery ticket

At this time, I want to mention an experience that I went through that I feel was responsible for the continuation of our research.

In fact, I will say that if this experience had not taken place, our System would not exist today.

This happened while I was still studying psychology. I had studied and practiced hypnosis and was investigating parapsychology, but had not yet trained the first subject to function as a clairvoyant.

During this time, I went through a period of disillusionment. I was the one to close our electronics business establishment at nine each night.

We used to get calls from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, across the border, that we would take care of between five and nine each evening, before closing at nine.

Usually after closing the business at nine, I would go home, have dinner, and help Paula put the children to bed. By that time, it would be about eleven at night, and I would take out the psychology books and study for two thee and sometimes four hours.

One night, I suddenly realized that what I was reading did not make sense any more. I said, "What am I doing to myself, studying psychology?

I am not a psychologist, nor do I plan to become one. I had a heavy day's work yesterday, and I am going to have another heavy day of work tomorrow, and here I am wasting good hours of sleep, studying psychology!"

I closed the book, and threw it on the floor! It slid under a couch, and I said to myself, "That is the last time I will have anything to do with reading books on psychology!"

At that time, my wife came to see if the book had fallen from my hands and hit the floor, because every time she heard the book hit the floor prior to that time, it meant I had fallen asleep and the book had slipped from my hands hitting the floor with a noise that served as a cue for

Paula to come and get me to go to sleep.

But this time it was different: I did it on purpose.

I went to sleep right after that, but two hours later a bright light inside my head woke me up. It was a light like the mid-day sun when you look up into space on a cloudless, sunny day.

Hanging in space were two sets of numbers, one set over the other. The first wet was 3-4-3; the second set, under the first set, was 3-7-3. Right after that, an impression of Christ and the "One Solitary Life" given to me at the army reception center came to me.

"Why Christ?" I wondered. "Why me? What does this have to do with the numbers?"

I opened my eyes and it was dark. I glanced at the clock on the bed stand and it was 4:30 in the morning.

I said to myself, "Maybe it was a telepathic message."

I had become aware of parapsychology by this time, and had read that such things could happen. I figured maybe this was the way it was done.

Fascinated, I tried some experiments with myself and the light:

  • I closed my eyes trying to keep the bright light from disappearing, since it was fading gradually.
  • I tried breathing slowly, but that did not help.
  • I tried changing positions, but that did not help.
  • I tried to slow down my heart.

But whatever I did was not enough. The bright light continued to fade it until faded out completely.

I stayed awake from then on, trying to analyze what had happened.

I thought of Paula and how she used to tell me, "They say that people who read too much go crazy!" I was not about to tell her about the light in my head because I knew her answer would be, "I told you so!"

In fact, I might have agreed with her.

But one thing I kept thinking was that, for whatever reason this happened, it must be all right because of the impression of Christ and the "One Solitary Life" that came to me with the experience.

The first explanation I thought of was that maybe I was supposed to call someone who has that phone number.

I went through the telephone book from cover to cover but did not find any listing for the numbers I had seen.

My next idea was that maybe I should go to someone's home who has these numbers as their address, and if I find it, maybe they have a message for me.

But when I studied a city map, I found that the home addresses in Laredo did not use those numbers.

It was about four in the afternoon when I came up with another idea: I'd look at automobile and truck license plate numbers.

I did this for the rest of the day, ready to ask for my message from the driver of any vehicle that had those numbers, but I did not find a car or truck license to match my mysterious numbers.

It was fifteen minutes before nine when I started to close my place of business. My wife came in from our house next door, and said to me, "If you go across the river into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for a service call, please get me a bottle of alcohol."

We use Mexican alcohol for medicinal purposes because it is pure, and costs less than alcohol in Laredo. We have to have them put a cube of camphor in it when they sell it to us, so we do not have to pay a liquor tax on it. When the tax people at the border smell the camphor in the alcohol, they do charge us any liquor tax on it.

I told Paula, "Honey, I don't have service calls from across the border, but I will go and get you a bottle anyway."

A series of “coincidences”

At that very moment, an old friend of mine came in to invite me to go for some coffee. I said, "Help me to close my place and we will go right now." I then asked him how much time he had, and he answered, "All the time in the world. Why?"

I told him I wanted to go across into Mexico to get my wife a bottle of alcohol. He said, "Fine. I will go with you."

While on the way I figured I could tell my friend about my experience, since he had been studying psychology with me for one year. I felt sure he was not going to think I was crazy. I had not told anyone all day, and I needed to tell someone, so I told him.

While crossing the bridge into Mexico, my friend suggested, "Now that we are coming into Mexico, and Mexico operates a national lottery, maybe there is such a number."

I had not thought of that. I said, "What have we got to lose?" The lottery agency was just one block and a half further up the same street where we were going to get the alcohol.

We stopped right in front of the lottery agency.

It was closed.

It closed at nine o'clock, and we had just missed it.

"Finding it closed means for me to forget it. It is not supposed to be here," I told my friend.

We then went to the liquor store, and while I was getting Paula's alcohol and getting the clerk to put the camphor in the bottle, my friend went to a back room where he found some lottery tickets that were hanging on a string.

"What numbers are you looking for?" my friend called from the adjoining room.

I said, "3-4-3 and 3-7-3."

He called back "3-4-3 is here."

I said. "You are kidding me, are you not?"

My friend then answered, "Come and see."

Sure enough, there were five segments of an active series numbered 3-4-3.

A whole or complete, series contained 20 segments, or units. Someone had already purchased the other 15 segments, or units, my friend asked,

"What do you intend to do now?!

"Buy these, of course!"

So I bought them.

I had never ever thought of buying lottery tickets, but now I was buying 5 segments and would find out in 2 days if the number 3-4-3 would win anything.

At the time, I did not know that you could call the lottery agency by phone and find but if the ticket had won anything. I thought I had to go in person, which is what I did.

I found out that the ticket, 3-7-3, had been sold in Mexico City. It could not have been found anywhere else because the 3-73 was assigned to be sold in Mexico City only.

If I had purchased the 3-7-3, I would cleared, after paying the Mexican income tax, about one thousand dollars.

On the other hand, the 3-4-3 was assigned to be sold by the liquor store in Nuevo Laredo, and nobody else in the whole Republic of Mexico could have had it.

The 3-4-3 had a prize also, and after paying the Mexican income tax and exchanging the Mexican money into United States dollars, I cleared a little above ten thousand dollars with just my 5 segments out of the 20 on the ticket.

I came home dazed, with $10,000 dollars in my pockets, and in 1949, that was a lot of money!

In trying to figure out who had put that number in my head and why, I went back over my experience step by step, and found many coincidences.

For example, my wife wanted a bottle of alcohol from Mexico and came over and asked me at that particular time.

She had said, "Whenever you go to make a service call across the border, get me a bottle of alcohol."

I could have said, "I will get you a bottle the next time I make a service call. Or I could have said, "Send someone else, I don't have time for those petty things."
Instead I said, "I will go tonight and get you a bottle, Honey."

Paula did not know about my experience, much less know that she was sending me to the one place in the entire Republic of Mexico where the ticket was sold.

And what timing!

If my friend had come only ten minutes later, I would have already been gone, by myself.

If the clerk had not had to put camphor into the bottle, we would have been out of the store before my friend had a chance to look around and find the adjacent room with the lottery tickets.

If my friend had not gone with me, I would not have gotten the idea of buying a lottery ticket, nor would I have walked into the other room and seen the tickets.

After backtracking and after going over every detail of the experience, I found myself faced with many coincidences. I felt that those coincidences were trying to tell me something, or that somebody was trying to tell me something through those coincidences.

There were so many coincidences that I was sure there was a pattern, and a purpose.

I then felt that I must seek and find out what it was that I was supposed to do, or not to do.

I started going back prior to having the experience, hour by hour, step by step, seeking a clue. The only thing I saw that could have had a connection and could have brought on the series of coincidences was the decision I made not to continue studying psychology.

Two hours after I had decided to discontinue the study of psychology, the experience took place, and in the experience came the awareness of the "One Solitary Life" or Christ.

I then made the connection and remembered that the first impression I had about psychology came accompanied by the impression f the "One Solitary Life" of Christ.

That happened when I finished talking with the psychiatrist at the reception center as I was inducted into the army.

The next person in line gave me the picture of Christ that I still carry in my wallet to this day. On the back of the picture of Christ is written the "One Solitary Life" by an unknown author.

I had never read the "One Solitary Life" of Christ before being inducted into the army, and I do not know why, when I finished reading it there were tears in my eyes. To this day, when I think about it, I get a lump in my throat.

With that realization, I got on my knees and looked under the couch for the book on psychology, pulled it out, dusted it off and continued with the study-of-psychology routine.

I choose to believe that the experience with the psychiatrist at the reception center, along with this awareness of Christ, was the beginning of my research into the human mind.

My many coincidences with the lottery ticket experience was a means of getting back on track and reinforcing the original reception center-psychiatrist-Christ awareness experience.

From then on I started experimenting, trying to put together a method that would help to enhance what I used to call "The guessing faculty."

What I called "The guessing faculty" turned out to be the psi, or intuitive factor.

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