How to determine your purpose in life

Use automatic feedback mechanisms to help you determine what action to take

One of the most significant things I've learned in more than four decades of research into the mind and human potential is this:

The creator set up a whole system of automatic self-correcting and self-regulating mechanisms. We can allow these automatic mechanisms to harm us, or we can use them to help us.

Let me explain what I mean by automatic mechanisms:

How we receive help automatically

Look at how your body can automatically adjust for different temperatures.

When it is hot, your body perspires to cool the body.

When you need nutrition, your body sends a hunger signal.

There are more than two thousand such automatic mechanisms.

There are automatic mechanisms that involve all aspects of our lives. They let us know whether we are doing what we are supposed to do or not.

For instance, if you do not eat, the hunger signals will increase. When you eat, you feel satisfied and content.

Warning signs

Sometimes the messages are more indirect. For instance, we know that sex is very pleasurable. As long as we use sex to bring new souls onto the planet, we will continue to enjoy it.

But look what happens when people start using sex strictly for pleasure. They began to contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

A few decades ago, syphilis and gonorrhea were fatal. Then scientists developed penicillin and all a person had to do was to go get a shot and they could then go right back to using sex only for pleasure.

A decade ago herpes was a major problem. A lot of people who had many sex partners instead of just one, and who used sex for pleasure rather than for reproduction with those partners, wound up suffering.

But despite what was happening, people's behavior did not change. People ignored the automatic self-correcting mechanism.

Then came AIDS, another deadly STD.

Please understand: I am not saying that God is punishing us for being bad. What I am saying is that the creator set up a system to help us know what we should be doing from what we should not be doing.

Utilizing automatic mechanisms effectively

There are ways that we can gain added value from some of these automatic mechanisms.

Early in my research when I was studying hypnosis I learned that I could cause a person to produce a blister even though they had not been burned.

In other words, I fooled the body's healing mechanism into creating an imaginary injury.

That brought up a question: Could I also influence the body's healing mechanism to aid in the correction of a real injury?

The results are in several of our courses.

Glove Anesthesia grew out of that early research. Instead of waiting for the body to automatically ease the pain and stop the bleeding, we program ourselves in a way that we can accelerate the process.

When you apply Glove Anesthesia to yourself, your body reduces the pain and often stops the bleeding or hemorrhaging. And the healing process is often accelerated.

Glove Anesthesia is designed to use on yourself. But we have extended the concept of influencing the body's healing mechanism to aid in the correction of health problems.

Helping from a distance

By using mind-to-mind communication, we can help others at a distance. We call that "case working."

If we will only observe the effects that we cause, we will be able to make intelligent choices about our future actions, and we will have better lives when we do those things that help us.

How to earn more money

People often ask me how they should program themselves to obtain more money.

Here's what I have observed:

When people concentrate only on themselves, they get very little.

When they help to correct problems, to relieve pain and suffering and make our world a better place to live, then they prosper.

It seems that the message here is that the creator wants us to help correct problems. When we do that, we are compensated.

Again, I am not saying that we are punished by God when we cause problems, and rewarded by God when we correct problems.

Maybe that is what happens; or maybe it is just an example of the automatic self-correcting mechanism at work.

It seems to me that higher intelligence has also set up another pretty good system, one where we can originate a call and be heard and get help when we deserve it.

This system, like all of the systems that the creator has established, is a good one for us to use.

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