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Mind guides brain and brain guides body

Can your mind affect your physical performance? Sure it can.

To see for yourself how your thoughts can influence your body, watch the brief video above and then do the same experiment for yourself.

To be a Superstar, you need to use your mind like a Superstar

These mental techniques developed by Jose Silva will help you achieve your fitness and athletic goals.

Jose Silva was a talented boxer who fought in clubs throuhout South Texas when he ws young, so he understands the special needs of professional athletes.

Whether you are a pro, a weekend warrior, or a fitness fanatic, you can learn the mental secrets that will allow you to start using parts of your brain and mind that you have never used before, to unleash your natural championship potential.

Meet your Instructors

Jose Silva flexing his muscles at age 70

Jose Silva still in shape at 70

When Jose Silva was young he got into a fight with another kid over a girl.

Jose was bigger and stronger but was getting beat up when a Good Samaritan stepped in a separated them.

Why was the smaller kid winning?

Because he knew how to box.

Young Jose signed up for boxing lessons the next morning. 

He learned quickly, and when he learned that he could fight for money in fight clubs, he became a paid athlete. He didn’t claim he won all his fights, but he did say that he was never knocked out.

Jose’s brother Juan also loved boxing. He said that one day they heard that a Mexican national champion was in town and was looking for sparring partners. “Jose wanted to go and see how he measured up again a champion,” Juan recalled. 

“Jose had some flashy moves,” Juan continued, “and he landed a punch that knocked the champion down.” 

The trainers ended the round immediately of course so they could check on the boxer and make sure he hadn’t been cut or anything else that might jeopardize the upcoming championship fight. 

“Jose was eager to get back in the ring with him,” Juan said, “but we got him out of there as fast as we could.” Not a good idea to try to fight a national champion you had just embarrassed by knocking him down. 

Jose continued exercising and stayed in shape the rest of his life, as you can tell from the picture that Ed convinced him to pose for when he was 70 years old. 

Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems Instructor and Author Ed Bernd Jr.

Ed Bernd Jr.

Ed Bernd Jr. started exercising after he was paralyzed by polio at age 5. With the help of the best doctor in the world, he learned to walk again. When he was a teenager, in the 1950’s, he took his doctor’s advice and bought a set of weight to make his exercise routine more interesting. 

While Ed was never had the strength to play organized sports, he did the next best thing: He used his camera to get involved. At the age of 12 he started taking pictures from the sidelines of high school football games. He also wrote articles about the athletes and the game. 

Ed finally got some first-hand experience at the age of 35, in 1975, when he entered an AAU Class 2 and below weightlifting tournament in Vero Beach, Florida. He was awarded 3rd place in the light heavyweight division.  “The other 2 guys in my weight class did pretty well too,” he says. 

That was just 1 week after Ed completed the Silva Mind Control Course and he has been involved with the Silva courses ever since. So it was only natural that 6 years later, when Ed was invited to come to work at Jose Silva’s world headquarters in Laredo, Texas, the first new project the two of them teamed up on was the Silva Star Athlete program. 

Note: You can download this Course for Free when you purchase the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar.

The Course includes:

  • 40 Lessons, most of them in Audiobook format
  • Many of the lessons include text with a summary of the lesson content, or with additional information
  • Video of a Sports Power workshop presented by a Hall of Fame High School Basketball Coach at the Silva Annual Convention
  • 2 Bonus Videos of Jose Silva explaining how your brain and mind work
  • Video of a report from a national television network about major league baseball players learning the Silva Method
  • Downloads of all Lessons and Course Playbook

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 to 2 days

Difficulty: Suitable for everyone


Course Instructors

Jose Silva Jose Silva Author

Founder of the Silva Mind Control Method and the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems

Ed Bernd Jr. Ed Bernd Jr. Author

Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor and Author.

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