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A lot of people tell you that Jose Silva said this, or Jose Silva said that. But they don’t always know exactly what he meant.

Some people express their opinion of what Jose Silva discovered in his 22 years of scientific research. Many of them think that they are qualified to “improve” on his work.

Now you can stream all 40 episodes of this series to your device and hear it all straight “from the horse’s mouth,” as Jose Silva used to put it.

Stream 40 episodes of his half-hour weekly television program and learn details his trailblazing research, challenges he faced along the way, and how to use many of the mental techniques he developed.

Some of the subjects he covers

  • Inner Conscious Level
  • Cycles of life
  • Your life purpose
  • Delta Doorway
  • Define “coincidence”
  • Testing clairvoyants
  • Strengthen faith
  • Scientifically verified
  • Mental Projection
  • Points of reference
  • The worst stressors
  • Pain Control
  • Altering things
  • Why do some have ESP?
  • How to teach children
  • ESP is a “Prior Sense”
  • Help love grow
  • How your brain works
  • Sleep Control
  • Programmed dreams
  • Self-healing
  • Improve memory
  • Habit Control
  • Change traffic lights?
  • Stronger alpha
  • Scale of Brain chart
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Enhance IQ & PSI factors
  • Develop spiritual factor
  • Acquire spiritual energy
  • Better visualization
  • Develop imagination
  • We can alter life
  • 3-Scenes Technique
  • 3-Fingers Technique
  • Hypnosis
  • Age regression
  • Reincarnation
  • Parallel universe

A labor of love

Jose Silva recorded this series of half-hour programs to inform people in Laredo of the work that he was doing. He wanted them to know that someone just like them had made groundbreaking scientific discoveries and created a course that was being taught around the world.

He recorded 2 episodes at a time, and aired one each week, on Sunday morning, on KGNS television in Laredo.

In these programs, he talks a lot about his concepts of spirituality and our relationship to higher intelligence (God).

Valuable background information

He had not yet developed the MentalVideo, but he was definitely working to understand and develop a technique that we could use reliably and regularly to contact higher intelligence for the kind of guidance and help he had received throughout his life.

In some of the programs he talks about his concept of a “personal god,” that he sometimes referred to as your “conscience.”

When he created the MentalVideo technique in 1997, he used the term “tutor” for this concept.

Regardless of the term, they all do the same thing: guide us and help us to do what higher intelligence sent us here to do: To correct problems and improve living conditions on the planet.

Explanations of the problem-solving formula-type techniques

Mr. Silva also explains the formula-type techniques. We do not teach these in the UltraMind ESP System, but they are still available to those who need them in many of Mr. Silva’s books, and in our Choose Success Home Study Course.

There are no conditioning cycles in this course, but if you have practiced the Silva Centering Exercise and know how to use our System to enter the alpha level, then you can use the formula-type techniques he explains.

While there are no conditioning cycles, he covers many of the topics he covered in his live classes, including his famous 2-week Ultimate Seminar.

Some of his explanations of the formula-type techniques in these videos are so detailed that you will be able to easily apply them, if you know how to use his System to enter the Alpha level.

He also mentiones the Lab and Counselors, another technique that is no longer necessary. Those were great techniques for people back in the 1960’s, but are like “training wheels” on a bicycle: Good to help a young person get started, but once you know how to ride a bicycle, they just slow you down.

There is no need to have a technique between you and your Source, when it is so easy to go straight to the Source and get the guidance and help that you need.

The complete series never before available

This is the first time the complete series has been available. We have used clips in several of our home study courses, and published some on YouTube, but not complete episodes, except for the first 2.

Now with great inexpensive high speed web servers at SiteGround web hosting, fabulous video hosting at iPlayerHD, and the excellent Learning Management System software from LifterLMS, we can offer you this complete series at a price so low it will be an easy decision.

If you want to know all there is to know about the new science of Psychorientology (psyche = mind, orient = guide, ology = study of) then you need these videos from the Founder of this field of science himself, unscripted, unedited, and uninhibited.

He covers a wide variety of topics in each episode. There were too many to list them all in the Index.

The excerpts in the video clip on this page are from Episode 9, recorded in August 1987, at the KGNS television studios in Laredo, Texas.

Saving them when nobody wanted them

There wasn’t a simple way to duplicate and utilize these videos in the 1990’s, so a decade after recording them, Mr. Silva turned them over to Ed Bernd Jr. with the comment, “Maybe you can do something with them.” Ed had been working with the local television stations to record presentations at Silva Conventions, and also interviews with Jose and Juan Silva.

The first challenge was locating all of the episodes. Several of them were lost… but Joe Jr. and Ed managed to find 40 of the 41 English language episodes, and several of the Spanish language episodes.

Ed dubbed them numerous times – first to VHS video tape, then to a small digital video camcorder, and finally using the Dub output on on a broadcast quality 3/4 inch U-Matic video deck > to a time base corrector > to a digital converter > and finally into a computer. He cleaned up the audio and improved the look of the video… twice… the second time after Ed discovered he had cataracts and had them removed.

One episode is still missing. If anybody has Episode 32 we’d love to have a copy.

Learn what Jose Silva learned

He explains how the electroencephalograph (EEG) showed him that the most successful people were analyzing information and developing solutions to problems while at the 10 cycles per second brain frequency.

The EEG also revealed that children function at much lower brain frequencies than adults. His brain frequency observations revealed when children begin developing “critical consciousness.”

Along the way he helped many people overcome problems. But some people didn’t understand. For 10 years his own religion told people to avoid him. Eventually they realized that he was helping a lot of people, and they accepted him.

Click on the first Lesson on the Couse Syllabus and view it for free. Mr. Silva recalls how he got started with his research and highlights of what he learned during the next 22 years.

Jose Silva Quotes

Now you can hear exactly what Jose Silva had to say about a wide range of topics. He had a wonderful way of taking complex subjects and simplifying them. Now you can hear about his research “straight from the horse’s mount” as he used to say.

Note: These videos are for your own personal use. They are protected by copyright. You may share them with family and friends, but you may not use the commercially. You may not publish the videos or any portion of them, nor rent them, nor sell them, nor use them to promote products, without prior written permission of the copyright owner. If you want to use them commercially, contact us for information.

No “advertising”: We skipped the parts where he promoted a class or invited people to come to the office and get a flyer or brochure or book, and included only his discussions of his research and his course.

Instant access via Online Streaming (no downloads). View the 1st episode free.

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