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The following information is transcribed directly from a recording of Jose Silva during an instructor training program in 1969:

by Jose Silva

Our main field in Mind Control is education. We don't deal in healing arts. That's not our field. That's for other specialists. Our main field, objective, is educational. To help human intelligence to learn how to function at these frequencies of brain.

If a healthy situation results because of this, that would be a side effect. We had no intention of bringing this about. Our main objective is to train, to help people learn how to use another portion of the brain, another region of the brain. This is our job.

How can we use it for educational purposes?

In school learning, for instance, reading books, hearing lectures, we find that if we can learn to enter - and we can - lower frequencies of brain, consciously, then we will find larger amounts of brain energy to make impressions with.

So at the alpha we have stronger, with more brain energy - it's a less complicated frequency, a more fundamental frequency, that we can function on, or at, and use that energy to impress information that can be recalled. So recall will be a lot easier when we impress information that's stronger.

Then you can say it is not a matter of just reading a book that counts, or reading as many books as we need that counts. What matters is how much of this can we recall.

We can impress information with more brain energy, making a stronger impression on neurons; that makes for easier recall.

We say then, How can we help ourselves educationally, to improve our grade average?

We say by impressing information much stronger, because that makes for easier recall.

Then again, it is not just a matter of reading a book or listening to a lecture; it is how much you can recall that counts.

So we can impress information a lot stronger at the alpha than we can at the beta. Which means that we can recall information a lot easier, information impressed at the alpha, a lot easier than we can information impressed at the beta.

So for educational purposes, you see, it can be tremendous, because we can learn to function consciously at the alpha to make use of a greater amount of brain energy to make stronger impressions of what our senses detect that will help in recalling this information a lot easier.

That will help by enhancing your IQ factor.

So for educational purposes, you can do away with distractions, you can have superior concentration, and of course, you will have superior understanding.

We know that we need to impress information on brain cells in order to have something to use.

But once it's there we must be able to use it, by becoming aware that it's there. We can become aware that it's there when it has been impressed strongly, more so than when we have made weak impressions.

So we can enhance the IQ factor, because how much information you remember will help you do better, IQ factor-wise.

Use other peoples experiences as if they were your own

Another reason why it is excellent for educational purposes is because here is subjective communication.

We thought that our intelligence, human intelligence, could only sense information on its own brain cells.

Also, we wanted to remember, as though you are using it for recall, to detect and to read information that you have impressed on your own neurons.

We now know that human intelligence, at the beta or at alpha, you can detect information on your own brain cells.

At the alpha, you can detect information on your own brain cells, plus any information on any neurons wherever they are.
And that's subjective communication.

If you are able to become aware of information impressed on some other brain, you can. Then you can make use of that information, or those experiences, as though they were your own.

So you do not need to be limited to your own impressions on your own brain cells at the alpha or the theta, because you can now become aware of information impressed on other brains, at their alpha or their theta, along with becoming aware of their experiences.

You will be using other human being's experiences as your own, which means: now it is not just a matter of reading books and storing information at the beta; it is not just a matter of storing it strongly, and impressing it strongly at the alpha. But also, how you are to use this information.

We know that you can improve your IQ factor by recalling information previously impressed. Now, not only at the beta but also at the alpha.

You can also improve the IQ factor by sensing as how to use this information, and using the experiences of others in determining how you are to use your own information.

By subjective communication you can find means and ways of using that information in a superior manner.

Which means, IQ factor-wise, it is not just having more information and recalling more information that will make a difference. It is how we use this information; how wisely you apply the use of this information.

By exposing other brains to your awareness, their experiences to your awareness, you are now in a position to use what information you have, along with theirs, very wisely.

This is wisdom.

Accumulation of information, will reach a level of having knowledge, applied wisely, is wisdom.

You have two brain areas to store information:

  • You have the left brain hemisphere to store objective information, that you have detected with your physical senses like eyesight, hearing, touch, etc.
  • You have the right brain hemisphere, to store subjective information, that you have detected with your subjective sense, your psychic senses.
  • You have subjective communication to become aware of information impressed on other brain cells, which means other brains of other human beings, wherever they are, and to become aware, to sense, how they have been using this information, and use it as your own.

And that is wisdom.

That also helps, of course, enhancement of your IQ factor.

So for educational purposes: Tremendous.

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