The uses of Visualization and imagination

by Jose Silva

Visualization is a previous impression, impressed on your brain or mind.

It is a receiving, detecting mechanism.

We can detect with the left brain hemisphere, we can detect with the right brain hemisphere.

In other words, in order to perceive it with the left hemisphere, it must exist. Whether somebody created something, or it is the sense of sight, then you make an impression on your brain.

The sense of sight works like a camera. It makes a negative and impresses it on your brain, your left brain. And a duplicate is transferred to the right brain.

Receiving information, receiving information, receiving information, is energy. Visualization is the receiver, imagination is the transmitter.

You can also visualize with your right hemisphere. But in this case you can visualize what has been impressed on somebody else's brain.

This is why, if a person is injured a thousand miles away, and you know about that person, and you want to know how seriously hurt she is, or injured, you go to your level, turn on your intercom - your right brain - and the right brain functions on a different band, like f.m. does, not a.m., and you are tuning into his brain and getting information from his brain and transferring it to yours.

Then you will know what happened to him. Because everything that has happened to him has been recorded on his brain already.

We get it by observing, visually, biological senses... left brain; or right brain, at a distance, if we need to.

Now usually, all of this becomes a lot easier if the intention is to help the individual to solve his problem. Not just to know. You don't go far enough. Just to know, eventually, you will not receive anything, if you are just trying to have fun by wanting to know, for no purpose whatsoever.

Your purpose is to follow through, to help this individual to correct his problem, solve his problem, keep him from suffering. That's the main purpose.

So we say the brain, the mind - left brain, right brain - were created to detect information that we can consider, that we don't want, and make a correction.

So information, if we cannot perceive it with the left, we can perceive it with the right.

But we must follow through, the intention of helping correct the problem. Because that's all we are here for. We were sent to planet earth to correct problems that cause people to suffer, to make this planet a better place to live. That's it. No other use.

Now we are using it to steal from others, to hurt others, to kill others, and it's wrong, because it is all left brain.

If they had developed the right brain, they wouldn't even have attempted it, because they become spiritual. They become fully developed human beings.

A person who uses only the left brain hemisphere cannot fully evolve into becoming a human being.

What is a human being

Just keep in mind that a human being is not one who looks like one, it is one who acts like one.

To be considered a human being, you must participate - take part - in humanitarian acts. Then you have qualified and passed the test to be considered a human being.

If you have not taken part in humanitarian acts, you have not yet been in a position to be considered a human being. You have not been tested in other words.


Now everybody knows the difference between visualization and imagination?

Keep in mind that we visualize and imagine with the left brain hemisphere, and we visualize and imagine with the right.

Imagination with the left is fantasy, or rearranging what exists so it will serve a better... something, whatever that is. What you are doing is altering what exists, modifying it, to get better results out of it. That is left brain imagination.

Right brain imagination is creating something that has never happened, has not occurred yet. That is the beginning of creation, the beginning of inventions, the beginning of discoveries. That happens for the first time. That's right brain imagination.

Visualization means the same thing, detecting information. One detects information in the objective world, and the other - right brain - detects information in the subjective world.

(This was transcribed from a lecture that Mr. Silva presented in 1995)