Always ask for what you need to help improve conditions on planet earth

by Jose Silva

When you need money, always remember whatever your needs are.

You may want business, and business with others, which means that you must have planned already, what the money will be used for.

Money is not just to be had, it is to be put to work.

So always consider that the benefits that are derived for more than just you, to begin with. If it is only Me, me, you don't care about anybody else, big question mark.

And whenever you ask, remember: Ask for no more than what you need, but do ask for no less than what you need. That's good enough.

What you need means, what plans do you have? Are they big plans, you need big something. If they are little plans, you need little something.

Q: If I want a Rolls Royce, will higher intelligence help me get one?

You are asking a good question.

He's asking for a Rolls Royce. This is in the possibility area.

But you see, we were not sent, we're not going to get help from the other side when we want something like this only for me.

But if I say, I want this vehicle, that we can use - we, not just me - because there is a need for something like this, and it's within the possibility area, and I don't have the means, I may then get the other side to help me.

Now the other side will only help me when I am asking for something that is needed to improve conditions on planet earth.

Like we said, they are not going to help me if I want another million dollars when I already have a million dollars, when I want a Rolls Royce when I have a Rolls Royce already. That I want a girlfriend when I already have a wife. Some people ask for something like this.

They are not going to help you. You are on your own. If you make a mistake, you are going to suffer for it, you are on your own. You don't get help from the other side.

You only get help from the other side when your intentions are that whatever you are doing is to help improve conditions on the planet for more than yourself, not just yourself.

If you only consider Me, me, you have to do it on your own. If it is for Us, then you get help, if whatever you do is going to help more than you.

The more you are going to help, the more help you get for it.
We always say, Don't ever ask for more than what you need, but do ask for no less than what you need.

So what your needs will be, depends on how big your plans are.

That's what your needs will be.

(Transcribed from lectures presented by Jose Silva in 1995)